James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network
Alliant Energy Center Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin

Dec 18, 2018

"Beautiful" Bobby Dean & Bubba Love & Lucas Greene vs. Autumn Raven, Alex Rain, The Lost Soul

Opening Match: All Out War Ladder Match: Winner Gets a Milenko surPRIZE

Team Hostile vs. Team CWF to start things off in a 6 person elimination tag match. When one team is eliminated, the match revs up the energy and turns into a ladder match, with the surviving members of the winning team going toe to toe to grab... Whatever a Milenko surPRIZE is! Writer:


The Hostile Takeover (Jimmy Allen & Tobias Devereaux)(C) vs. Elijah and Omega

Non-Title Tag Match: Winner gets a Milenko surPRIZE!

In a move that has taken James Milenko by surprise, Elijah and Omega have contacted Jon Stewart to ask for a rematch against the tag champions from Northern Crown! Stewart has only been too happy to oblige adding the match to the card. The weird part? Elijah and Omega have specifically asked for this to be a non-title match. This has nothing to do with titles and everything to do with one thing and one thing only... Vengeance!


Ozric Mortimer vs. Christer Lundmark

Blood of my Enemy II: The Return - Winner gets a Milenko surPRIZE!

This brutal match has no count outs or disqualifications. In order to win via pinfall or submission, there is one requirement that has to be met. One has to make their opponent BLEED before a pin or submission decision can even be considered.


Dorian Hawkhurst vs. Nathan Paradine

Tug of War - Hostility Style - Winner gets a Milenko surPRIZE!

Both competitors are attached to each other by the arm with a length of chain. No pinfalls, submissions, rules of any kind. Winner is determined by raising their company's flag in all 4 corners of the ring.


Simon Marks Vs. Azrael

Winner gets a Milenko surPRIZE!

Nothing special but a knock out drag down brawl. Oh, and the fact that Simon Marks is the most flamboyantly gay wrestler this side of the Mississippi. I hope Azrael is ready to feel... Violated.


The Smokin’ Aces (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles) vs. Chris Bond and Talon

Tornado Tag Street Fight - Winner gets a Milenko surPRIZE!

On paper, The Aces have been on a massive winning streak as of late, minus losing the tag team titles at Northern Crown. Regardless of who currently holds the titles, they COULD be considered the most established tag team in the CWF right now. Milenko has pulled out all the stops, greased all the wheels, begged, and pleaded to secure their opponents. "The Hero of Hostility" Talon and his bestest heterosexual lifemate Chris Bond have agreed to come out of a nice retirement in order to make it known that Hostility isn't a place to be trifled with and revenge is a dish best served cold. Expect a brawl unlike that which the Aces have seen as they face off against the biggest names that Hostility has to offer in what is sure to be an epic confrontation of epic proportions!


Team Hostility: Loki Synn, Tobias Devereaux, Brock, IM Hate, Jay Rayez vs. Team CWF: The Shadow, Jarvis King, Duce Jones, Freddie Styles & Mystery Man

Main Event: Unholy Carnival Match

Two Rings. Two cages, topped with a chain link ceiling with weapons galore hanging ominously from the structure's ceiling. 4 pods on either side of the ring, house members of Hostility and the CWF. One member from each opposing team start. Every five minutes a new cell is randomly opened for the next competitor to enter. This match will be fought under elimination rules. Eliminations can happen via pinfall or submission, all other rules are null and void. If anyone leaves the structure at any point in the match, they will cause them to be instantly eliminated from the match. The winning team is the one who has the last person standing.


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