Evolution 36
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nov 27, 2018

KC3 vs. Maestro

Opening Match

In the opening bout of the thirty sixth episode of CWF Evolution, WCWA Light Heavyweight representative KC3 takes on his partner from Northern Crown after wiping his hands clean of him in their match. Both men failed as partners, how will they fare as opponents?


Alex Rain vs. Azrael

Singles Match

Alex Rain makes his return to CWF to go up against Avenging Angel in what should be an incredibly interesting clash of styles.


The Hostile Takeover (Jimmy Allen & Tobias Devereaux) (c) vs. Mac Bane & Trent Steel

Non Title Tag Team Match

Both of these teams had a great showing in the Northern Crown tournament, but no team had a better showing than Jimmy Allen and Tobias Devereaux of the Hostile Takeover as they went 3 and 0, running the gauntlet to become the new Tag Team Champions. In this non title match, will Mac Bane and Trent Steel be able to derail their momentum as quickly as they found it?


The Shadow vs. Autumn Raven

Paramount Title Match

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
The Shadow defeated Jarvis King two events in a row in what most fans would have seen as an impossible feat, to not only become the CWF WCWA World Title rep, but also the brand new Paramount Champion. But the man has notoriously bad luck with losing titles early in his career. Can he break the stigma tonight against when he goes up against the Beautiful Psychopath or will she finally be able to put some gold around her shoulder?


Loki Synn (c) vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Main Event: Non-Title Match

Loki Synn won a hellacious war at Northern Crown, defeating MJF and injuring her for a still unknown amount of time. Her reign of terror as the new CWF champion starts off with a non title fight against Dorian Hawkhurst. With the personal feelings between his daughter Chloe and Loki, how will Dorian be able to keep his head in the game to be able to take down the champ?


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