Hellbound 2018
Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan

Oct 18, 2018

Autumn Raven vs. Tobias Devereaux

Opening Match

Hellbound opens up hot with a feud that may be new on the horizon, but things certainly blew up quick between Autumn Raven and Loki along with Tobias Devereaux and James Milenko last week. Tonight is put up or shut up time.


Azrael vs. Christer Lundmark

Singles Match

Things have been heating up between the Archangel and the newcomer as of late, but the fun and games are over when they step in the ring at Hellbound!


Freddie Styles (c) vs. Mystery Opponent

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match
Not only does Freddie Styles have to defend both his Impact Title and the Tags later with Duce in one night, but by the word of commissioner Ataxia he also must wrestle both matches back to back. Oh and not even know who he's facing for the Impact Title until the PPV. Talk about a screwjob!


The Smokin' Aces (Duce Jones and Freddie Styles) (c) vs. The Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris)

    CWF Tag Team Championship
    CWF Tag Team Championship Match
After making their return to CWF at Wrestle Fest IV, Chris and Dan of the Danger Boiz have been damn near untouchable. But when they get close to the glass ceiling, will they be able to push through with the tag titles in tow?


Ataxia vs. "The Ripper" Danny B

Buried Alive Match

Nearly a year ago The Ripper and Harley Hodge had a now infamous feud over the CWF World Title. Their rivalry ended in a Buried Alive Match, where Ripper was buried by Hodge until the end of the match where Ataxia laid out Hodge out of nowhere and literally blew up the grave of Ripper with him in it. Things come full circle as both men are ready to drag each other back to Hell.


Jarvis King (c) vs. Harley Hodge

Paramount Title Match

The rivalry that started with Jarvis King and the Ringmaster has gotten so much more personal now that the legendary Harley Hodge has gotten back into the fold. Will the old man be able to put down the King, or will the Glass Ceiling aid him into another cheap victory?


Dorian Hawkhurst vs. Jimmy Allen

Blood of My Enemy Match

The rules are simple in this match. You must make your opponent bleed to qualify yourself to be able to pin or submit them. No DQ rules. Time to settle the score between these once best friends turned bitter enemies.


Silas Artoria vs. The Shadow

Hell in a Cell Match

Hell must have frozen over because we're having ourselves two Hell in a Cell matches tonight. But what better way to settle a score and with Halloween right around the corner, what tricks will these two have for each other?


Mariella Jade Flair (c) vs. Loki Synn

CWF World Title Barbed Wire Rope Match

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
The most sadistic, psychopathic competitor CWF may have ever seen won herself this number one contender spot fair and square at Wrestle Fest IV. But since then we have learned of her and James Milenko's plan to take over CWF. MJ Flair is not only a two time, current CWF World Champion she is also the most beloved competitor by every fan, in every city, every night. This match screams brutality, and one woman will be screaming a blood curdling howl as the other one uses the barbed wire ropes to tear their flesh apart. Will MJF walk out still champion or has the reign of Loki Synn only just begun?


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