Evolution 32
Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky

Oct 04, 2018

??? vs. ???

Champion's Match (Jarvis King & Harley Hodge each choose a competitor to represent them)

With two weeks left until Hellbound, both Jarvis King and Harley Hodge choose a competitor to represent them in this champion's choice match!


Autumn Raven vs. Dynamite Dynamo

Singles Match

The debut of Dynamo is in the hands of the dark princess Autumn Raven. Will the "high flyer" be able to smoke Autumn, or will she have her way with him?


Azrael vs. Dangerous Dan

Singles Match

Two competitors on a completely different path as of late, but tonight they will meet smack dab in the middle of the ring!


Freddie Styles (c/c) vs. Harley Hodge

Non-Title Match

Freddie Styles and the rest of the Glass Ceiling holds (almost) all the gold and all the cards right now. But Harley Hodge is standing in the ring with a hammer, looking to make an impact with his match with Jarvis just a few weeks away. Though the title may not be on the line, a lot more could be at stake here.


Ataxia vs. Duce Jones

No Disqualifications Match

Tag Team Champion Duce Jones knows how to get down and dirty. But can he stoop to the lows that the commish will in this No DQ match? We're about to find out.


Jimmy Allen & Silas Artoria vs. The Forsaken (Dorian Hawkhurst & The Shadow)

Tag Team Match

Although Jimmy Allen and Silas Artoria is not a tag team that many would see coming and really they probably won't gel very well, one thing they both can agree on is how much they hate the Forsaken. Tonight, they go two on two against them! Should be very interesting.


Loki Synn vs. Zach Van Owen

Inferno Match

Their match last week may have been brutal, but it wasn't enough. Tonight the newly returned Zach Van Owen takes on CWF's darkest form in a match we haven't seen in ages, for good reason, an INFERNO MATCH! Someone is going to burn, baby, burn!


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