Evolution 29
KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York

Aug 30, 2018

Azrael vs. Linus Stark

The curse for Azrael of having to face superstars as they debut continues as Linus Stark looks to make his mark on his first day on the job. But will the Apathetic Angel, who has recently found a bit of new momentum, let him move ahead so easily?


Jimmy Allen & Pandalike vs. The Forsaken (Ataxia & Dorian Hawkhurst)

Tag Team Match

Jimmy Allen has made it loud and clear that he believes the Forsaken to be detrimental to his old friend Dorian. Will him and the Panda King be able to make him listen the hard way?


The Shadow vs. Mystery Opponent

Singles Match

WTF? Who booked this one?


The Glass Ceiling (Freddie Styles & Duce Jones) vs. TBD ("Beautiful" Bobby Dean & Mikey Unlikely)

Tag Match (If the Unlikely Duo are victorious, they earn a Tag Team Title Shot at Wrestle Fest IV)

Big stakes here in this tag team bout as a shot at the tag team titles at the biggest show of the year is on the line if TBD can somehow get themselves together and defeat the as of late unstoppable force of Freddie Styles and Duce Jones, the newly renamed Glass Ceiling.


Autumn Raven vs. Silas Artoria

First Blood Match

One of the most heated tag team-turn-rivalry in CWF's one year long "generation's" history, and finally the war will come to a head in the bloodiest of ways. Will Silas and Autumn finally be able to put the things behind them when one of them is left broken and bloody?


Mariella Jade Flair vs. The Ringmaster

Singles Match

The number one contender for the Paramount Title faces the woman who looks to once again become CWF World Champion in her home state, only one of these two big name bangers will have the momentum heading into Fest. Who'll it be?


Jarvis King (c) vs. Colton Mace

Main Event: Non Title Match

In the main event of the go home show to Wrestle Fest IV, two former stablemates battle it out with nothing on the line but pride and momentum heading into the big show. Will the Glass Ceiling get involved? How about the newly returned Jaiden Rishel? This one could get messy!


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