Evolution 27
Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec

Aug 14, 2018

Autumn Raven vs. Pandalike

Opening Match

Who will open up Wrestle Fest season with a win?


Jimmy Allen vs. The Shadow

Singles Match

Jimmy Allen made his debut for CWF at the Summer Games PPV, and even though he may have fallen short in the fatal fourway, he certainly showed a lot of promise. How will he fare against the former Tag Team champion The Shadow?


Azrael vs. Pete Whealdon

Singles Match

The Angel of Apathy came up short in his match against Lucas Greene at Summer Games, but a surprising new friendship may have came out of it. Pete Whealdon's allegiance to the Golden Paradigm is more than apparent, so how will this match turn out when all that comes together?


Bobby Dean & Mikey Unlikely vs. Jarvis King & The Ringmaster

Tag Team Match

Talk about some "unlikely" teams here! Jarvis King and The Ringmaster have a newfound hatred for each other, and Mikey Unlikely doesn't exactly enjoy Bobby Dean being around him either. This one should be more than interesting!


Bronson Box vs. Lucas Greene

Singles Match

What happens when the Wargod mets the High Flyer? Well if Summer Games is any indication, this one may not be pretty.


Smokin' Aces (Freddie Styles & Duce Jones) vs. The Forsaken (Ataxia & Dorian Hawkhurst)

Main Event: Tag Team Match

While no titles are on the line in tonight's massive main event, this one should leave things looking a lot more clear heading into Wrestle Fest IV. Some heavy hitters, who will come out ahead?


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"Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose"

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