Evolution 26
Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York

Jul 24, 2018

Zach vs. Mikey Unlikely

Opening Match

In the opening match of the first show of the new Ataxia Era of CWF, Mikey Unlikely makes his debut in the company against the upstart Zach.


Dick Fury vs. Freddie Styles

End Games Qualifying Match

Tonight's card is all about the End Games Qualifiers. We have eight matches, where eight competitors will move onto the Summer Games PPV to challenge for the World Title in a 4 vs. 4 survivor style End Games cage match. In the first of eight, former Tag Team champ Freddie Styles takes on Dick Fury.


Bronson Box vs. Xander Haze

End Games Qualifying Match

In the second End Games Qualifying Match, Bronson Box of the Golden Paradigm takes on Xander Haze.


Lucas Greene vs. The Ringmaster

End Games Qualifying Match

In another very interesting matchup to qualify for End Games, two debutants that couldn't be any more different face each other with the chance at very quick stardom.


Duce Jones vs. Revenant

End Games Qualifying Last Man Standing Match

In the first stipulation match of the eight End Games qualifiers, this one may end up being the most brutal. Duce Jones fights a man who may know him more than he might think. This one should be interesting.


Eric Dane vs. The American Patriot

End Games Qualifying Match

As the show goes on, so do the End Games Qualifying Matches. In this one an Eric Dane who is very much "on a roll" faces an American Patriot who is debuting in CWF and looking to make everything right in this company (and country). Who's mission will be complete tonight?


Jace Valentine vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

End Games Qualifying Hardcore Match

In the most embarassing of moments, Jace Valentine made his return and absolutely put Eclipse/Ryan Sunset to shame. Things are much different in this new era with Ataxia as the CWF commissioner however, can the old star still compete when he's up against Ataxia's own stablemate Dorian Hawkhurst? Or will Hawkhurst move on to End Games?


Ataxia vs. Jarvis King vs. Mia Rayne vs. The Shadow

End Games Qualifying Champion's Ball Match

Four champions, one match. Neither of these four superstars gold is on the line tonight, but a spot in the End Games cage match for the World Title is. Who can move ahead of the line of the other champs and stake his or her spot?


Mariella Jade Flair vs. Silas Artoria vs. Autumn Raven

Main Event: End Games Qualifying Triple Threat Match

The original main event before the Rishel family went into hiding and both the Ouroboros (or at least a part of them) and former World champ Caledonia disappeared, was MJ Flair vs. Silas Artoria. To keep with the trend, Autumn Raven was added to the mix to make an even more interesting main event for that last spot in End Games.


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