Evolution 21
Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

May 29, 2018

Billy Anderson vs Xander Haze

After Xander Haze took out Billy Anderson prior to his match for the Impact Championship at the Paradise PPV, the Lunatic has a score to settle with the newcomer!


Dean Coulter vs MJ Flair

The Lost Boy gone rogue when he swore allegiance to Ouroboros is facing former World Heavyweight champion MJ Flair in a meeting of ruthless aggression and contempt for the dark side.


The Forsaken vs The Coalition vs Revenant & Azrael vs The Danger Boiz

CWF World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders

A monumental fourway tag team match that will determine the #1 contenders for the CWF Tag Team Championship to meet the Smokin' Aces!


Ataxia vs. Christian Starr


Impact champion Ataxia and former Paramount champion Christian Starr will meet in a non-title match that promises to be a true scorcher!


Caledonia & Amber Ryan & Omega vs Smokin' Aces & Dorian Hawkhurst

Newly crowned CWF Heavyweight champion Caledonia Highlander teams up with the Unhinged Briefcase holder Amber Ryan and former Academy leader Omega team up to battle the current CWF Tag Team champions Smokin' Aces and the latest addition to The Forsaken, Dorian Hawkhurst!


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