Paradise 20-5-2018
Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey

May 20, 2018

Dorian Hawkhurst vs. Xander Haze vs. Revenant

Crazy Chris vs. Christian Starr

Mia Rayne vs. Azrael

Hope on a Rope

Amber Ryan vs. Silas Artoria

Jarvis King © vs. Shane Donovan

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match

The Lost Boys © vs. Freddie Styles & Duce Jones

    CWF Tag Team Championship
    CWF Tag Team Championship Match

Ataxia © vs. Cassandra vs. Billy Anderson vs. Autumn Raven

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match

The Shadow vs. Elisha

Pirate Plunder

MJ Flair © vs. Caledonia

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match

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