Evolution 77
Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Mar 10, 2020

Join the CWF for the 77th edition of Evolution when come to you LIVE from the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada! RP DEADLINE - Saturday, March 7, 2020

Dauntless vs. Most Known Unknowns

In our opening contest, it will be tag team action as the Reed brothers take on Vince and Omar of the Most Known Unknowns. Each team is looking for a bit of momentum after coming up short lately on multiple occasions.


Konrad Rabb vs. Terry Gould

What is being deemed the ‘Battle of the Old School’, the Frozen Over Briefcase winner, ‘The Iceman’ Konrad Rabb goes one-on-one with a man who looks to turn his career here in CWF around in the 'Heart Attack’ Terry Gould.


Nina vs. Zolton©

Paramount Championship Match

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
In her first singles match since making her return, Nina faces a fierce challenge in the Beast of Chaotic Rage and Paramount Champion as he places his title on the line. Will Zolton come out on top, still champion or will the Cobra Emperatriz put an end to his reign before it even begins?


Autumn Raven© vs Johnny Graves©

Non-Title Match

In a special attraction match, the Impact Champion, Johnny Graves goes against one-half of the CWF Tag Team Champions in the Beautiful Psychopath’ Autumn Raven. Will Raven be able to get one over on the Sin City Saint or will Graves prove why he is the most dominate Impact Champion in recent history.


RP DEADLINE - Saturday, March 7, 2020

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