Evolution 74
Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan

Jan 14, 2020

CWF returns for the New Year with the 74th edition of Evolution! I'm sure the fans were all wondering what happened to the New Year's edition but all of that will be explained and more, next Tuesday night!

Savannah Jade vs. Konrad Rabb

After coming up short at Genesis, the "Living Dead Doll" Savannah Jade looks to get on track as she faces off against the "Iceman" Konrad Rabb to kick off the new year! Will Jade be able to turn her luck around or will Rabb prove why he's a veteran of the ring?


Impromptu Match

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match

Dauntless (Bryan & Ryan Reed) vs. Autumn Raven & PJ Blake

The number one contenders for the tag titles try to keep their winning ways as they take on the debuting brother duo of Bryan and Ryan!


Terry Gould vs. Sean Fuller

Coming out of retirement, the returning in-ring technician known as the Heart Attack tries to see if he still has what it takes when he battles the unpredictable, Sean Fuller. Will Gould be able to keep up with the unorthodox style of Fuller!?


Freddie Styles vs. Kyuseishu

Number One Contendership for the CWF Championship

With Frozen Over VIII approaching, CWF World Champion, Silas Artoria needs a contender for his championship. Who will walk out the victor as Mr. Ballgame battles the Holy Samurai for the opportunity to be named the number one contender!! Tune in to find out!


Make sure you join us in Motor City for Evolution 74! Broadcasting on HOTv and streaming on CWF Wired. RP Deadline is Friday, January 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM CENTRAL!!

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