Evolution 72
Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City

Nov 19, 2019

Magdalena Lockheart vs. Savannah Jade

Opening Match

In the opening bout of Evolution 72, Savannah Jade tries her hand against one of the most dominating women in the game as of late, Carnage Wrestling's UltraViolent Champion, Maggie Lockheart.


Sean Fuller vs. Thaddeus Duke

Singles Match

After several weeks of hype, the Lion Heart himself makes his CWF in-ring debut against a man who has quite the resume himself, the Hardcore Icon Sean Fuller. Will Fuller be able to derail the moment of Thaddeus right from the beginning, or will Duke head to his clash with Nathan Paradine at Genesis with all the momentum in the world?


Johnny Graves (c) vs. Omar Martinez (c) vs. Scourge vs. Larry O'Leary

Fatal Fourway Non-Title Match

Two of CWF's three champions from pre-Genesis enter the fray here, going to bat against the mighty, returning Scourge as well as Larry O'Leary from the newest team in the block, the el33t Team. Will it be Graves, Martinez, Scourge or O'Leary who is able to come up with a W and some momentum for their team going into their Fatal Fourway Tag Title Match?


Autumn Raven vs. Jay Mora

Omega Block Match

Autumn Raven may be officially eliminated from the Omega Block at this point, but that isn't for lack of trying. She has came out with resounding victories as of late, and she looks to pick up another one the final night when she steps up against the disappointing "Marksman" Jay Mora.


PJ Blake vs. Starlight

Omega Block Match

The Icon herself is in action here, but she goes up against quite the challenge. The #Queenslayer stands on the opposite side, will PJ Blake be able to overcome the odds and get to ten points on the final night of the Alpha & Omega Tournament?


JC vs. Ariel Shadows

Omega Block Match

Big match here. JC may put a real hamper on his chances at placing in the tournament with his defeat to Kyuseishu two weeks ago, but if he still wants to keep his longshot alive he's going to have to get through the quirky, "peace" lovin' Ariel Shadows. This should be interesting.


Kyuseishu vs. Leo Hermanne

Omega Block Match

We here at CWF.com recently got news that Bubba Love would not be able to make the finale of the Omega Block. While we were first upset about this news, his dismal showing in the tournament left a lot to be desired, so even a fresh sponge would put up as much of a fight against Kyuseishu. Despite that, Jaiden Rishel thought better of things with so much on the line in this final week, and went and signed a new competitor just in time for this match! Kyuseishu goes up against CWF's newest employee, Leo Hermanne! Will the stand in be able to make an impact his first night on the job, or will the Social Justice Samurai reign supreme yet again and head right into a Genesis title match?


Silas Artoria vs. Ataxia

Main Event: Omega Block Match

Could the final Omega Block Match of the tournament be any bigger? The new Silas Artoria. The just as crazy as ever Ataxia. Will Silas mount one last victory and put himself in the World Heavyweight Title Match at Genesis, or will he fall at the final step and land himself in the Paramount? And with the Messiah Pariah's match against Jaiden at Genesis, what will he be willing to do to show the boss he means business when it comes to ending CWF once and for all?


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