Evolution 71
Zona Hotelera in Cancun, Mexico

Nov 12, 2019

Konrad Raab vs. Joseph Svenson

Opening Match: Alpha Block Match

In the opening bout of the Evolution 71, the Iceman Konrad Raab takes on Joseph Svenson!


Nathan Paradine vs. Phoenix LeStrange

Alpha Block Match

Although both of these competitors may be officially out of the Alpha and Omega tournament by point standings, Nathan Paradine has found himself wrapped in a war with new signee Thaddeus Duke, and with his Genesis match with him only weeks away he'll want to stay on the up here.


Johnny Graves (c) & Magdalena Lockheart vs. the eL33t Team (Larry O'Leary & Wilhelm Terrence Fredricks)

Tag Team Match

Johnny Graves and Maggie Lockheart were clearly the two competitors behind the masks in the Masquerade Ball Tag Team Match. Two big men interrupted what could have been their chance at gold together, and tonight they finally make their debut. Will Graves and Lockheart be able to get revenge or will the eL33te Team show dominance yet again?


Zolton vs. Jeff Jackson

Alpha Block Match

The Man of Chaos has had a tough time in the final corner of the tournament, despite picking up a massive victory over Duce Jones two weeks ago in a Hell in a Cell match, he fell short against Amy Jo Smyth last week. Zolton may only have a snowballs chance of placing in this tournaement, but that will only make him as psychotic as ever. Speaking of psychos, Jeff Jackson is one who has switched from one personality to the next with little regard of his opponents. Who will come out with the victory here?


Amy Jo Smyth vs. Danny B

Alpha Block Match

In a massive battle of two superstars that most fans counted out in the tournament many weeks ago, both Danny B and Amy Jo Smyth came back with late victories that put themselves right back into things when it counts. In the final hour, who will get the last shot in this battle of frienemies?


Freddie Styles vs. Duce Jones

Main Event: Alpha Block Match

From the moment this match was announced as a final week match, it was to be one of the most anticipated bouts of the entire tournament. Now, with nearly the entire Genesis title picture on the line in this one match, things could never be more important than ever. To make things more complicated? Freddie Styles and Duce Jones are two former stablemates, two best friends, who have fought before but never with stakes like these. One final match, who moves onto the World Heavyweight Title Match at Genesis?


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