Evolution 67
Moda Center in Portland, Oregon

Oct 08, 2019

Johnny Graves (c) & Magdalena Lockheart vs. Jeff Jackson & Konrad Raab

Tag Team Match

To start things off for the fifth week of Omega Block action, we have a tag team match pitting three of the competitors that battled it out in the Make Your Impact Melee, and the Judge himself Jeff Jackson who has had many things to say about new Impact Champion Johnny Graves. When Graves finds himself in the middle of the action on both sides of the ring, how will this one end up?


Duce Jones vs. Sean Fuller

Hardcore Match

CEO Jaiden Rishel must have been feeling extra fiesty this week, because the boss gave us two exhibition matches. Not only do we have the massive tag to start things off, but Alpha Block star Duce Jones takes on Sean Fuller in a Hardcore Match! Will Fuller be able to take advantage of Jones following the beatdown from the Judge last week, or will Jones show Fuller why they call him the Kid That Never Dies?


Jay Mora vs. Bubba Love

Omega Block Match

The week five Omega Block Matches begin with "Marksman" Jay Mora taking on the Love Sponge himself, Bubba Love.


JC vs. Starlight

Omega Block Match

Big time match here, as The Answer attempts to keep his place at the top of the Omega Block board as he goes one on one with the #Queenslayer. Unfortunately for Starlight, JC is no queen, so she better give her all in this one or the Answer will pick her apart on his way to another two points.


Kyuseishu vs. Ariel Shadows

Omega Block Match

Here we have a very interesting clash of styles. Neither one of these competitors is run of the mill, however BOTH will be willing to give it their all in order to move ahead in this tournament.


Silas Artoria vs. PJ Blake

Omega Block Match

Despite having an onset disadvantage, PJ Blake has found a way to consistently pick up points on the board as of late. Standing in her way of her continuing to do just that, is the Psychotic Aristocrat himself, Silas Artoria. Artoria has been in a mood after losing to JC weeks ago, will he be able to contain his Passenger long enough for this match to take place?


Ataxia vs. Autumn Raven

Main Event: Omega Block Match

Autumn Raven's hopes and dreams are held in the balance of this massive main event match. The insane anamoly has been undefeated until his match with JC set him back. Will Autumn be able to use this to her advantage and take Ataxia off his gameplan? Or will the Messiah Pariah go right back to dominating the Omega Block?


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