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Christopher St. James responds to the release of Max Becker! A LIVE press conference is happening now!

A gentle murmur rolls through the crowd of amped up reporters as they crowd a makeshift stage, a Hostility: ReAwakened banner floating proudly above it. Amongst both cheers and jeers from a crowd of fans who won whatever contest to grant them access to this event, C$J makes his way to the podium already set up for him.


C$J: Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great... Dissatisfaction that I confirm the rumors, I have let Max Becker go from his obscene CWF contract. I have fielded questions all day, so I must ask that we keep this brief and will not be offering a question and answer segment.


The crowd let's him know their disappointment. He doesn't care as he continues, his normally crystal blue eyes clouded by a sheen of pure hatred.


C$J: I know. However, it recently came to my attention that Max Becker, the highest paid star in CWF history due to my caring hand, has decided to take his "winning" bonus I gifted him last week at the end of our first show back; and ran off with my half sister, Ava St. James. The contract afforded him certain, liberations greater than that of a normal star because I sought to make him better, knew I could. Instead he took my kindness, my money, and my sister and left me to pick up the pieces. With this in mind, Max, if you're listening to this broadcast, should you EVER show your face at my door again, there will be hell to pay.

That said, I am also formally and publically relinquishing the Hostility Title. The winner of Pretty Boy Page versus The Fire God Leo will become the new champion. In regards to the main event, well...


His phone rings and holding up a finger to the restless crowd, he answers and listens. A smile akin to The Grinch learning that stealing Christmas is a thing crosses C$J's lips as he thanks the person on the other end before turning back and finishing his thought.


C$J: In regards to the main event, yes, The Reason will take on The Hostile Elite, Nathan Paradine and John Travis. I will be ensuring that Jaiden and his dogs behave by doing my duty as leader of CWF and stepping in to officiate this match. I feel like I'm forgetting something, oh yeah! This will NOT be a handicap match and will STILL be a 6 PERSON tag team match. I have found a replacement for Max Becker, and was just informed that they will be there to make their own impact. I bid you all adieu as now, I have much preparation to get done in a short amount of time.


Despite what C$J said, reporters start shouting questions, hoping the CWF owner will answer one or two. He ignores them all, his malicious expression he was wearing at the start of the conference now one of pure money.



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