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First up, C$J has just finalized all paperwork and would like to formally welcome VENOM, and most importantly, Hostility's Aversion Champion, Nina to the realms of Hostility. C$J sends his warmest welcome and invites you to ask for anything that would make your stay more comfortable. Anything VENOM wants, C$J can get.

Two: It has come to C$J's attention that he has not fulfilled his portion of Max Becker's contract in providing him with a win on Hostility's maiden voyage. C$J apologizes humbly and hopes that these next words will make things right. As of right now, as declared by C$J, undisputed winner of the very first main event of Hostility: ReAwakened, Max Becker!


Third and finally: The Hostility Championship, C$J had sent in a pretaped speech about the fate of the title.

C$J: What a night huh? I'm your first EVER Hostility: ReAwakened champion and the very first to hold the prestigious title of Hostility Champion. My name will go down in the history books and I'm sorry, but you can't change the past, you can only look toward the future. My time as champion fulfilled everything I promised it would, in one night. I made an impact and this belt will now forever be sought after. Barbarians from all over will see this as a test, a phase to go through to become... "Real man." With this in mind, I could keep this title, but what good would it do? How would that prune my baby for success? It wouldn't, it would suffocate me and not a single one of you deserves to see me in that ring. My movements in that squared circle have been described as, "beautiful, the only thing comparable would be angels frollicking in the sky." When I get done, it is nothing short of perfection and performances like that, don't come cheap. So while I enjoy this baby of mine, I hereby relinquish this title and me as the champion!

I know what you're thinking, why would I do such a thing, right? The answer is simple, no one gets their hands on me and gets away with it. I have a score to settle and I don't need people who think they can make names for themselves jumping me from behind and doing their best sleeper hold. So, I refuse to carry this any longer than I need it. Have no worries though fans, I leave you not without hope! For you see on our next show, there is a number one contenders match, for this. Very. Title. Me, being the fair owner I am and seeing them put forth the effor to win their respective matches, declare their match on our next show to be for this, Hostility Championship. And don't think that this will just be your average match, because this is NOT your average title. 

Pretty Boy.


This title will be the only legal foreign object in your match. It will be suspended from a platform high above the ring, whoever gets it first, gets that advantage. So help me if I hear a countout, because I hate those. C. $. J. OUT!


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