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First scheduled defense for WCWA Championship announced..

Just in, from the offices of WCWA Headquarters, WCWA Tag Team Champions, Smokin’ Aces have signed up for their first title defense. It will take place on January 8, 2019 on Evolution 38 live on the CWF Network!

According to inside sources, Freddie Styles and Duce Jones have offered the terms of giving the initial four teams from the five-team elimination match a fair shot at the titles.

The first defense schedule, will be against Brother Judas and Brother Simon, collectively known as The Truth. Further scheduled dates for defense of the championship belts have yet to be determined.

When reached for comment, this what the Aces had to say.

“We won these titles to prove that we are the best tag team in the world, which means we're ready for any of those teams that felt our win was a fluke.” - Freddie Styles

“Don't matta’ which team wants a shot next, y'name t'place and time, and we'll gladly knee y'all face t'fuck in.. Thea and Lexi, I'm lookin’ at y'all.. if y'all wanted a shot, all y'had t'do was ask..” - Duce Jones

Make sure you tune in to Evolution 38, when they come to you live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, which promises to bring you a another night of explosive action.



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