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In a story just being broken, our sources have learned that "The Next Generation God" KC3 has responded to an offer from the House Of Strong Style promotion to defend his WCWA Lightweight Championship there.

"I want to prove that I am the best." KC3 stated when reached for comment. "I challenged Eric Dane because I wanted to prove I was the best wrestler, not the best LIGHTWEIGHT, the best WRESTLER in the world. In light of his decision to ignore my request, I reached out to WCWA headquarters and had them send out feelers as to who, and where, I could defend my championship."

"House of Strong Style was the first promotion to answer the call. I have asked management to schedule my defense sometime after the new year. The reason for this is because I want to defend the title here in the CWF first. Though I have publically stated I do not represent the CWF, I feel because I am contractually obligated to the company that someone within the company should receive the first opportunity to fall at my feet."

KC3 appears confident and ready to take on all comers. The question that remains is will Jon Stewart or James Milenko give him the title defense he is requesting? If so, who will he defend the title against. Some would say that it is a mistake to be demanding title defenses.

"I'm not shy about the fact that I feel I am the best this business has to offer. I use the word "commodity" to describe myself quite a bit. What makes a commodity have any value is how it is perceived by the public. While the other champions in the WCWA are waiting for someone to tell them who to defend against, I am going out there and forcing people to look at me. I am going out there and bringing prestige to this title. The only way to do that is to defend the championship as much as possible."

Is KC3 the greatest champion in the WCWA? Only time will tell.



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