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Church vs. State are back with their outlook over Evolution 22!

Blake Church: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Road to Golden Intentions, also known as TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts!

Charles State: Only three more weeks until we roll into Philadelphia and rumble the hell out of Pennsylvania!

Blake Church: That might get expensive...

Charles State (laughing): This is “Church vs. State”!


Church vs. State


Blake Church: As Mr. State has so eloquently put it, seismic metres in Philadelphia might be going off when we come through, with 22 wrestlers already having signed up and I’m sure there will be more to come!

Charles State: And in the spirit of paving the road, CWF is making things a little bit more special in the run-up with the “Beat the Clock” challenge.

Blake Church: 5 matches and whoever manages to win their respective match the fastest will get the much coveted final spot in the Golden Intentions rumble royale, so there is a lot on the line in these matches!

Charles State: The first one pits two former allies against each other. Revenant and Azrael had been part of the Fatal Fourway tag team match last week as one of the teams, but did not come out victorious and now they have to face off to secure the final spot.

Blake Church: Azrael has had somewhat of a rollercoaster ride here in CWF, continuously improving yet just managing to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time more than once, costing him more entries into the W column, will he be able to change that when going up against the big undead dude? We will have to see.

Charles State: Revenant had a rough start in the federation, ending up under a roulette wheel at Paradise, but managed to beat Billy Anderson in a hard-fought match last week and he might be able to use that momentum to propel him further ahead.

Blake Church: The next match has even deeper roots, with the Coalition’s Autumn Raven meeting the latest Forsaken disciple, Dorian “Demon” Hawkhurst.

Charles State: The Coalition or Harbingers or whatever they are calling themselves these days have had their fair share of turmoil to go through with the Lost Boys breaking away and then more trouble for Silas, but more on that later, that has left Autumn Raven out in the rain, since her solo adventures have not exactly been crowned by resounding success either.

Blake Church: On the other side we have Dorian Hawkhurst, who has taken a turn for the dark side again after losing his title to Ataxia at the Unhinged PPV, and now has donned the robe of the Forsaken, giving this group some tremendous firepower and the loss in the six (wo)man tag team match last week probably has just added fuel to the fire. If we go with momentum, then Dorian, I believe, has shown that despite losing last week and not coming out victorious in the epic clash at Paradise either, he definitely has some pent up energy that he is ready to unleash on the mostly unsuspecting Autumn Raven.

Charles State: We figured that it would be fitting to send our Mr. Church to face the Demon and Blake met up with the latest Forsaken to get a few interesting answers!

Blake Church: Your appearance at Paradise on board of the Poseidon on the side of The Shadow was one of the biggest surprises of the PPV, has this been something that was planned for a longer time or was it a rather short-term development?

Dorian Hawkhurst: A magician, good sir, does not reveal his secrets. This has been something that I've been pondering since The Shadow and Ataxia tagged with me. They proved to me that they were men of their word. I respect that.

Blake Church: So what do you bring to the Forsaken, a group that mostly is viewed in a negative light due to their rather dark appearance and not quite fitting into the usual paradigms of the wrestling industry?

Dorian Hawkhurst: I don't bring anything new to the Forsaken. We are all of like mind. Look at the Impact Championship history. Ataxia, Dorian Hawkhurst, The Shadow. We are a legitimate force around here. Mia has found her stride since coming to the Forsaken. Like I said, man, it's not what I bring to the Forsaken. It's what WE have in the Forsaken.

Blake Church: This week you introduced your new, let's call her, manager, Chloe. Now many people do not view children involved in the wrestling business in too favourable of a light, so what has led to her involvement and how do you respond to criticism concerning it?

Dorian Hawkhurst: Let them judge me. They do it anyway. I have my reasons and that's all you need to know. I don't need you pencil pushing desk riders questioning me. This interview is over.

Charles State: Speaking of Coalition against Forsaken, one half of the Lost Boys, Sam Braxton, is facing one quarter of the Forsaken, Mia Rayne, and he is probably the by far and most conflicted character we have in CWF right now, with the split from his partner Dean Coulter and the deep moral crisis that has plunged him into.

Blake Church: Paradise has proved that Mia is more than just a force to be reckoned with in her grueling match with Azrael, and the victory at The Shadow’s side last week to make them the number one contenders for the tag team belts of the Smokin’ Aces probably has given her a lot of energy to continue on and is probably one of the worst opponents Sam Braxton could face right now outside of Dean or any member of the Ouroboros clan.

Charles State: Match number four is far more clean cut than this and some people have called it the one to most probably yield the winner of the final spot in the rumble, when Billy Anderson is taking on one half of our tag team champions, Freddie Styles.

Blake Church: The former Eternals member has been on fire since he came back from his self-imposed hiatus, culminating in him and his partner Duce Jones beating the Lost Boys for the belts and if the recent weeks and months are any indication, he is seen as the biggest favourite for a quick win against Billy, who even after forcibly retiring his brother has not been able to find his groove, having been taken out of the Paradise PPV by Xander Haze and then last week seeing another defeat at the hands of well, Xander Haze.

Charles State: Far more contested should be the final match of the challenge, where Styles’ partner in crime Duce Jones is facing none other than the “King of Wrestling”, Christian Starr. I really do not think that either of these gentlemen has a real chance to be a viable contender for a quick win, even though you never know, but I know that I for my part am looking forward to these two giving us an epic battle, even if it is just for bragging rights.

Blake Church: Starr is on a crusade to regain the Paramount title from Jarvis King and he is definitely leaving marks all over the place and barring King showing up ringside should definitely also give Duce a run for his money!

Charles State: Actually Starr’s second biggest adversary right now is up next, with our resident burlap aficionado Ataxia defending his Impact championship against the Psychotic Aristocrat, Silas Artoria in a no-disqualification match and this has all the elements to be a highly interesting bouts, since Ataxia on top of everything also is a very creative gentlemen when it comes to making his point clear, so this could be a very unorthodox match.

Blake Church: Thinking back at his match against Dorian, where they ended up in a bar next to the venue evokes memories and Silas has also been known of not always being one to play by the strictest rules, so I personally am really looking forward to this one, also because Silas has a lot to prove and what better time and place than a shot at one of CWF’s shiny accessories.

Charles State: This leaves us with one more and this one has also a lot of potential conflict potential. MJ Flair and her new associate Eric Dane are taking on Cassandra and Dean Coulter of Ouroboros after last week’s match between MJ and Dean had ended in chaos with Cassandra interfering and then Eric coming out in defense.

Blake Church: MJ has been quite vocal about her opposition to Ouroboros and everything they are standing for and/or have done of late, so it comes as no wonder that she has drawn their collective eyes on her and this is one of the more unpredictable matches this week, since we do not know much of Eric and even less so in the ring, and also where there is one (or two) Ouroboros, the others often are not far away, so I would not put much money on this one ending with a regular traditional pinfall or submission.

Charles State: I think this is it for this week, right?

Blake Church: Yep, got no more matches, nothing more to say...

Charles State: Then let’s go home.

Blake Church: Sure. See ya all!

Charles State: Wait, I think they want us to say something else...

Blake Church: OK, guess we can do that. Sign up for the CWF Network today, and you will get your first month free, which includes our big Golden Intentions PPV, so this really is an offer you can’t really refuse! We will be in Boston, but where will you be?

Charles State: We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, I am Charles State and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.


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