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After weeks of silence, James Milenko speaks for the first time since his in ring appearance against Jon Stewart! Battle lines have been drawn and things only look to liven up, just in time for the holidays!


The lights are dimmed. But that's only to prevent the harsh lights from harming the retinas of one James Milenko as he winces in his seat, adjusting his neck brace, and selling the injuries sustained at the hands of one Jon Stewart. He glares at the camera lens, his trademark smirk replaced by a sneer, reminiscent of the one Cody Williams saw when James Milenko ended his career. His eyes narrow further, laser focused on the task at hand.

James Milenko: Ladies and gentlemen. After the heinous and unwarranted attack on my person by one Jon Stewart, it appears that my hand has been forced. I do not plan on raising legal measures here. No. This is a wrestling federation and as such, such matters aren't warranted. This does give me an idea though and Jon, I hope you're ready because this has only been brought on by your own misdoings. One way or another...

Hostility will rise. 


The CWF will crumble.

I have an announcement that I will make come next Evolution. I hope that you're all ready as battle lines have been drawn and a war is on its way right. To. Your...


Jon Stewart!

You will RUE the day that you came up against me and you will REGRET the day that you laid a weird and gloved finger on my person! I hope that you're ready for everything that I have coming and I hope you gathered your forces enough to weather this storm. The blood from my holocaust will be on YOUR hands Stewart! You have been warned...

His last words are filled with such intense rage, that anyone within earshot shudders out of fear. This is the voice of a man that is not to be trifled with. One with nothing left to lose.

One that happens to be trapped in a corner.



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