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Join us live for the Wrestle Fest IV Pre Show!

We open up with an outside view of the Madison Square Garden where thousands of fans are seen piling into the building, all of them ready for the biggest show of the year, CWF Wrestle Fest IV! The scene soon switches to the inside of MSG where more fans are settling into their seats. We are then greeted by the familiar voice of Tara Robinson!

Tara Robinson: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wrestle Fest IV Pre Show! I'm your host Tara Robinson and joining me tonight on the panel to breakdown all things from this huge event tonight! Please welcome, Marcus Maximus!


Marcus Maximus: I'm so excited it's Wrestle Fest, tonight promises to be huge, and I for one am ready to kick things off!


Tara Robinson: You can feel the electricity flowing through the building tonight, these New York City fans, ready for CWF action! Someone getting in on that excitement from the fans right now CWF Hall of Famer, Jace Valentine!


Jace Valentine: This night couldn't get any better. Ah.. Who the fuck am I kidding, there's not enough Jace. But since I'm here on the preshow I guess things kinda balance themselves out.


Tara Robinson: And last but not least we have CWF’s number one stoner, who competes tonight or maybe not against the Angel of Apathy, I give you Lucas Greene!


Lucas Greene: I just want to say, that it's great to be here tonight! And Tara I'm hoping Az was able to get help, not good seeing a fellow competitor going through personal things.


Tara Robinson: Yes we are all sending our love and support to Azrael, and best case scenario he’s able to show up here tonight! But how cool is this? We are here at Wrestle Fest, it's going to all be happening right behind us! Tonight the fans have manage to jam pack, Madison Square Garden here tonight, as we are sold out for this huge show! And we're here to talk about everything happening at the biggest show of the year! And with that I'm talking about the Impact Championship, the “Forsaken Demon” Dorian Hawkhurst puts his title on the line against an old friend in CWF upstart Jimmy Allen!


A graphic flashes across the screen with both challenger, Allen and champion, Hawkhurst displayed on it. It then transitions to a a graphic for the Paramount title match as both King and Hodge are shown.


Jace Valentine: Also here tonight, my good friend and Glass Ceiling brother, “East Coast Excellence” Jarvis King as he defends his Paramount Championship against some old fuck.


Tara Robinson: Sorry ladies and gentlemen, who Jace is referring to is the returning, recently inducted Hall of Famer in his own right, “The Accelerator” Harley Hodge!


Jace Valentine: Like I said, old fuck.


The graphic then switches to that of the Aces and TBD.


Marcus Maximus: Moving along, guys we know this match is going to be explosive as two more members of The Glass Ceiling, Smokin’ Aces put their tag titles on the line against the team of TBD. And I'm willing to bet that match is going to be a fight, if not anything else!


The graphic then changes again as now the Fatal 4 Way competitors are shown.


Lucas Greene: Dude, this match has major World Championship implications, it's the crazy chick in the mask, versus the crazy chick with the face paint versus the grim reaper’s third cousin, twice removed versus another crazy guy with MAJOR issues! And whoever wins her a shot at the World Champion at Hellbound!


We are then given a shot of Ramsey and Stark.


Tara Robinson: But what about this next matchup, we have a returning CWF veteran, Kemsey Ramsey who returns to face off with relative newcomer and rookie, Linus Stark! It's the past versus the future and this one looks to be a good contest.


Jace Valentine: Then we have two dipshits competing, for whatever reason that no one gives a fuck about.


Marcus Maximus: How come you were chosen to do this show with us?


Jace Valentine: Because I'm the Jace that Runs the Place!


Marcus Maximus: Oh… okay, well fans what Jace was meaning to say is that the returning “Ripper” Danny B takes on his arch nemesis and CWF Commissioner, everybody's frand..


Jace Valentine: Ugh, give me a break..


Marcus Maximus: “Messiah Pariah” Ataxia! Like so many matches scheduled here tonight, this promises to be a good one!


The graphic of Danny B and Ataxia fade off the screen as it is now replaced by a graphic for our Main Event!


Lucas Greene: Then we have the big one as the vacated CWF World Championship is up for grabs when Colton Mace goes one on one with MJ Flair. Tonight we're gonna find out who walks out of MSG as the NEW CWF World Check, it's gonna be epic bro!


The graphic disappears from the screen, soon a highlight video of the Main Event begins to play on the screen, first switching to the events of Evolution 28, first a qualifying match between Colton Mace and Danny B.




The hooded man screams at Colton Mace, pointing towards the unconscious Danny to tell him to finish him off. Mace looks wary at first, but shrugs, pulling in the head of Ripper through the chair and spinning him down viciously to the canvas. THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM! The Ripper is absolutely writhing in pain as he flails around the ring holding onto his neck, the hooded man shaking “Big” Denny to get him out of his slumber. He opens his eyes in a daze, seeing birdies before finally noticing Mace laying over a downed Ripper, crawling over for the count.




Ray Douglas: Your winner by pinfall and moving onto Wrestle Fest IV's World Title Match....COLTON MACE!!

Mike Rolash: He did it, Jimmy! Mace is our first number one contender and will face off versus the winner of the MJF and Ataxia match later on tonight at Wrestle Fest four for the CWF World Title!


The scene then dissolves into the closing moments of Ataxia versus MJ Flair.


Jim Gunt: MJ is crawling towards the ring, but Ataxia is still not moving!




Jim Gunt: Ataxia stirs! He’s reaching for the guardrail!


Mike Rolash: Not good enough! I refuse to deal with another month of stupid hope from this stupid girl!


Jim Gunt: You never learn, Mike. She’ll hear you one of these days!


Jim Gunt: MJ has her hands on the apron, and she’s trying her hardest to pull herself up!




Jim Gunt: MJ Flair struggles back into the ring! She’s just inside the ropes!


Jim Gunt:

Mike Rolash:


Mike Rolash: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans explode in cheers as Trent Robbins raises MJ’s arm, even while she’s lying on the mat.


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as the result of a countout…

Jim Gunt: I don’t think MJ realizes what’s happening!


Jim Gunt: Finally, the rest of the Forsaken are headed to ringside to check on the Commissioner, but Ataxia is still mainly motionless outside the ring! Trent Robbins helps MJ to her knees, and she’s looking at him with confusion, I don’t think she fully comprehends what just happened!

Mike Rolash: What just happened is Mike Got Screwed!


The picture then shifts to the beginning moments of Evolution 29. On her way to ringside, MJ slaps as many hands as she can, stopping at one point to pose for a photo with a group of fans holding a “MJF = 2 TIME CHAMP” sign to try to get her attention.

Jim Gunt: It’s been an up and down year for that young lady, Mike… she’s openly, constantly spoken about having one goal this year: headline Wrestlefest at Madison Square Garden.


It then flashes through different portions of her promo.


MJF: This is it, guys. This is the dream. From the beginning, I said my entire goal was to headline Wrestlefest in front of my hometown crowd. It wasn’t an easy road t’get there…




MJF: ...but we’re there.  ...Roadblock after roadblock. Disappointment piled onto disappointment. But I never gave up.




MJF: Being there is achieved. All that’s left is to become a two-time CWF World Champion.

The fans explode into a cheer, that is abruptly cut off when “Yeah” by Usher starts to play over the sound system.

Mike Rolash: YES. Thank you, Colton!

While MJ remains in the ring, leaning on the top rope, her fellow number one contender walks out, clapping his hands in a slow and sarcastic manner before bringing a microphone to bare.

Colton Mace: And the award for most boring, naive diatribe goes to…

He motions to MJ in the ring.

Colton Mace: Didn’t you get the memo MJ, this isn’t the Tragedy of Mariella-Jade Flair, or your Coming-Of-Age Story. It’s an action packed thriller with ME as the lead.




Colton Mace: Once again the spotlight is firmly set on me. Where it should be. No one cares about your struggles, about your disappointment.




Colton Mace: and nobody in this company deserves this title and position more than Colton Mace. I’m what the CWF needs at this climatic moment… A REAL star. To give the title, and the company, prestige.


Colton Mace: Importance.




MJF: So you say that the CWF World Title should go to someone who’s ’earned’ it… but that you’re the only one who ’deserves’ it. Forgetting that these ideas are completely opposed to each other, let’s take a look. Who’s earned it?

Colton Mace: I earned it!

MJF: By getting one of the Rishel bitches t’screw Ripper, right?

Colton Mace: You couldn’t even pin Ataxia!

MJ shrugs.

MJF: You took a handout, I took a countout. We’re both here. Check one. Who deserves the CWF World Title?

Colton Mace: I do!

MJF: You shut your whore mouth!

Mike Rolash: Nobody talks to a Hall of Famer like that!

In fact, Colton looks like he’s barely holding himself back from rushing the ring. He shouts - without the aid of the microphone - "The doctor said it was cleared up!" - and the fans rise in volume once again.

MJF: One of us has been here all year, Colton… the other showed up for the first time in months t’complain about how he wasn’t in consideration for the Championship opportunity. Bitch, we don’t need you, we’ve got Mikey Unlikely.

Jim Gunt: OH NO! Those are fighting words!

MJF: I don’t like the word ‘deserve,’ Colton. People earn things, they don’t deserve ‘em. But if we’re lookin’ at things on an even keel? The only thing you ’deserve’ is t’sell MJ Flair T-shirts in the parking lot.

Mic drop.




We then cut to the closing moments of the show..


Jaiden finally makes a move towards the ring which catches Jarvis’ eye, allowing Mace to once again roll him up from behind, holding onto the Paramount champion’s tights for good measure.



Jim Gunt: Could it finally be over here!?


Mike Rolash: Yes! Mace with the tights and it worked!

Ray Douglas: And you’re winner of this match by pinfall….COLTON M..

Jarvis interrupts the announcement with an immediate attack on Colton Mace, double axe handling him and dropping down to wail him with an array of right hands.

Jim Gunt: Jarvis King now, like a rabid dog attacking Mace!

Mike Rolash: I don’t think Jarvis has ever heard of the phrase “turnabout is fairplay”.

Jaiden slides into the ring to stop the attack on his partner Mace, but instead, he's met by a kick to the side of the head! King now all over Rishel, landing fists and forearms into the back of his head and between his shoulder blades!

That is...until that familiar theme hits over the speaker system. “Smash the Control Machine” by OTEP. The crowd absolutely erupts as MJF steps through, and stops at the top of the entranceway. Jarvis King stops his assault and stares through her, neither of them making a move towards the other!

Jim Gunt: Well folks that is all the ti…

Colton Mace suddenly grabs ahold of King from behind, THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM! Mace takes King's place as he and Flair find themselves in opposite positions from the start of the show: he is in the ring while she stands at the entranceway, each daring the other to approach!


The feed cuts out as we are back inside of Madison Square Garden with our panel.


Tara Robinson: We are down to our final two, and you'd have to think that MJ has the hometown advantage coming in to this match! She's main eventing the biggest show of the year, in her home state, for the CWF World Championship! I for one can say, she worked hard for this.


Marcus Maximus: Like Flair said there was obstacle after obstacle, losing the title to Caledonia, coming up just short at Golden Intentions, and basically getting played at End Games! Tonight she gets a fair shot one more time at becoming two time champion!


Jace Valentine: Why do we make such a big deal about MJ? A little girl with a string of luck, this world can't even fathom.


Lucas Greene: Didn't she beat you for the title bro?


Jace Valentine: Let the records show, that I was outnumbered that night, and when we did face each other one on one, I beat that bitch all over the ring.


Valentine lets out a laugh as Tara shamefully shakes her head.


Lucas Greene: Dude, I think that too much attention is focused on Flair as her opponent isn't any slouch himself, Colton Mace thinks this is his moment in the spotlight.


Jace Valentine: Anybody but Flair..


Marcus Maximus: Mace is looking to capture his first ever World Championship here tonight, and you'd have to figure with the returning Jaiden Rishel in his corner, things might turn out in his favor.


Jace Valentine: Like I said, anybody but Flair..


Tara Robinson: No matter what we think, all members of the CWF faithful are the winners here tonight as they will get to see two great competitors go head to head for the CWF World Championship. But now we are going take things outside Madison Square Garden with Tabby Ubetcha, who is amongst the CWF faithful..


We switch outside where Tabby Ubetcha is standing in front of a bunch of rapid CWF fans all chanting the initials of MJF.


Tabby Ubetcha: New York City is on fire, after the Fan Fest, the current preshow being broadcast. New York is ready for Wrestle Fest!  You're hearing the MJ chants behind me, and I guarantee you that people are going to be talking about this show for years to come. And as a special bonus for subscribing to the CWF Wired Network, Wrestle Fest IV is available for the low, low price of FREE!


The fans behind her begin to cheer the announcement.


Tabby Ubetcha: That's right, it is for free! So what are you waiting for, go subscribe and don't miss the biggest show of the year. Back to you guys, Tara!


We switch to an overhead shot of the filled almost to capacity Madison Square Garden, the thousands upon thousands of fans looking jacked and ready to go for the show. We then return a shot of our panel of hosts.


Tara Robinson: Welcome back folks, I think it's time we switch from a match that's closing the show to one that's opening Wrestle Fest! Raven versus Synn versus Artoria versus The Shadow, and whoever is able to walk out of that chaotic contest will go to Hellbound with an opportunity to become CWF World Champion!


The scene fade into another hype video.


Two druids are awaiting The Shadow at the top of the ramp, likely as a security precaution against potential attacks. Suddenly one of the druids grabs the other’s arm, STIFF CLOTHESLINE AND THEY CRASH ONTO THE STAGE FLOORING.

Mike Rolash: WHAT THE HELL!?

Jim Gunt: Did one of them attack the other!?


The Shadow turns around to see one druid on the floor, and the other glaring at him from the within the darkness of the hood, defiant in their action. The Shadow doesn’t hesitate; the two grapple each other and exchange right hands. One, two, three, four! The druid goes for a desperate headbutt, but The Shadow pushes the traitor back. A SUPERKICK--caught! The druid pushes the blocked knee away and--


Mike Rolash: Uhh, Jim. I don’t think that…

The Shadow is dazed, confused as the effects of the druid’s vicious strike takes its toll. He shakes his head, it’s not fading away, but he’s clearly in brief thought. He looks at the towering druid, and the figure responds by grabbing their hood, and whipping it back.



Silas Artoria: You think we were done?




The Psychotic Aristocrat sets up the chair, as if being used for its original intended purpose, placing it firmly in the centre of the ring. The completely stunned Autumn offers no resistance as Silas hoists her up onto his shoulders and executes the impressive Fall of Man finisher, throwing Autumn from the electric chair position, into a falling cutter. A-Ray comes down falling ONTO the exposed flat bottom of the steel chair as Silas connects with the cutter! He moves away from the fallen opponent favouring his arm, not unscathed by his innovative variant to the move. Referee Clark Summits, officiating this grudge match, quickly turns Autumn over to check on her, revealing a bright crimson mask covering her mouth and better part of the bottom half of her face. The bell rings. Silas is the victor.


A grapple! Back and forth before Autumn grips The Shadow’s head to deliver a headbutt. The Shadow replies in kind with a stiff chop. Autumn returns the favour! The two look at each other for a few seconds, and start to deliver stuff right arms! The Shadow and Autumn exchange more blows, again and again until the two start to run out of energy. Autumn lets out a scream before kicking him in the stomach! A quick one to the head that twists him around. NEVERMORE, AND THE SHADOW SLUMPS BACKWARDS INTO A TURNBUCKLE!

Autumn jumps to her feet, stamps them on the canvas and lets out a primal scream! Pure adrenaline-- KNOCKOUT BY SILAS, and Autumn staggers towards a corner turnbuckle as an exhausted and battered Silas staggers to the one opposite.

Jim Gunt: And this is what the past few weeks has lead to this, ladies and gentlemen. Clockwise. The Shadow, Autumn, Silas, just completely clawing at each other's throats!

Mike Rolash: To what end, though?

The three competitors stare at each other in bitter hatred. The Shadow’s stoic face glances Silas. Still smiling through gritted teeth, he turns to look at the heavily-breathing Autumn. She stares him down in pure, uncomfortable defiance. She then looks at The Shadow with seething resentment, one that hated that the fact that he was involved in someone she wanted to dismantle by herself.




Ataxia: We do have to look beyond WrestleFest….like an afterparty!

Deep breath.


He smiles deviously.


Cheers erupted for the fan favourite.


Boos rain down as the namesake noticeably chuckles.


The audience react in surprise! A three way dance!?? Autumn herself looks shocked! The audience get louder. Ataxia nods his head in approval before he stretches his arms out and takes a bow. He waves goodbye as the three athletes look at each other in anticipation.

Ataxia: So I hope you three are all ready for carnage, because I expect no less than complete armageddon!

Before anyone else can move the lights turn out! Everyone is plunged into darkness, except for the entrance ramp, lined with purple spotlights. A familiar, disturbing, and shrill giggle echoes throughout the arena as Mia Rayne’s signature “semi colon and right parenthesis” appear on the ramp and begin to rotate, seemingly mocking The Shadow and Ataxia.




Suddenly a purple spotlight pops up outside of the ring, Loki Synn in its centre.

Loki Synn: Ah, loverboy has decided to show up! Listen closely, boys, because I have a secret to tell, I lost the match after all, didn’t I?

The whole KeyBank Center silences to the point one could hear a pin drop. Even though it is not visible underneath the mask, one can hear in her voice that she is smiling contently.

Loki Synn: I know what REALLY happened to Mia…




We then switch to exclusive footage, from Fan Fest, during Tax Talk 2.0, where Ataxia added Loki Synn to the mix. The hype video fades out, cutting back to the inside of MSG, the voice of Tara being heard once more.


Tara Robinson: What do you guys think we can expect from a contest like this one.


Marcus Maximus: When it comes to this match Tara, there are too many combustible elements. For starters you have the dissolved team of Raven and Artoria, who can't seem to escape each other's path. Then Artoria’s personal rivalry with The Shadow, mix that in with the mysterious Loki Synn, the fireworks are going to explode!


Lucas Greene: I’d agree, but if you ask me Loki Synn is the x-factor and the way she destroyed The Shadow in there contest, she's gonna be a tough cookie to look out for!


Jace Valentine: Are you guys fucking serious? What have any of these four pieces of shit done to earn a shot at the World title. This is nothing more than that bagged faced muppet, trying to give his boy Shadow a coast along to Hellbound!


Marcus Maximus: A coast along?


Jace Valentine: Yes a fucking free ride, let's face it Silas couldn't win his way out of Jack in the Box! Then there's Autumn freaking Raven, enough said, some psycho chick in a mask, that nobody knows, really shit about! Finally you have a boring fuck like The Shadow, who I for one still owe for letting that little cunt, smack me in my beautiful face with a skillet. Tabby wouldn't look at me for weeks!


Lucas Greene: Whoa dude, you need to like, smoke or bowl out something, cause you're like super hyperintense..


Jace Valentine: This is why the Glass Ceiling joined together, to put an end to the blatant favoritism that goes on around here.


Tara Robinson: Your resident Jacehole, everyone!


Jace nods his head towards the camera.


Tara Robinson: Now that we've gotten the two of the biggest matches on the card out of the way. I think it's time for us to get to the rest of the card. And this contest pits veteran versus rookie, when the return of Kemsey Ramsey taking on Linus Stark.


Lucas Greene: This match quite possibly can have the biggest question mark over it as it's ring rust against inexperience.


Marcus Maximus: That is a true statement, Stark competes in his second official match ever, and I think that might be the huge factor, playing into this match!


Jace Valentine: Ramsey is walking out the winner, no question. Seriously who the fuck is Linus Stark?


Tara Robinson: Be that as it may, I think that Stark will be pumped up to compete on this grand stage. Beside picking up a victory over the veteran will give him a huge boost in confidence heading forward in his career here. But right now we are less than thirty minutes away from Wrestle Fest, and now it's time to discuss the first of our four title match here tonight, as Dorian Hawkhurst defends his Impact Championship against Jimmy Allen. Now guys, it's clearly known that these two men have history with each other, so how do you think it's going to factor into this matchup.


Jace Valentine: Both of those assholes are lucky I'm not cleared to compete, or I'd show the both of them how a real champion gets down!


Lucas Greene: Salty, much?


Marcus Maximus: Well Tara on one side of the ring you have the Forsaken Demon, who's been tearing through the competition, then there is Jimmy Allen who has slowly made a name for himself here in the Championship Wrestling Federation. These men are good friends but competition is always the main objective when it comes to a championship contest.


Lucas Greene: Friendship and championships never go hand in hand dude, but these guys are two hosses, who are going to be ready to go once the bell rings!


Tara Robinson: Speaking of bells ringing it's time for a special match, so let's send it to Blake Church and Charles State who are going to be calling the action.


We then switch to ringside where Church and State are now before us sitting at the commentators table, ready to get this match underway.


Blake Church: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of the CWF Wrestle Fest IV Pre Show! I'm Blake Church and please welcome my colleague at this time, Charles State!


Charles State: What a historic night it's gonna be, and I for one can't believe that they're actually gonna let us call a match for once.


Blake Church: We couldn't be no worse than Duce and Freddie sitting at this table, but let's send it to Ray, so we can get this match going.


Ray Douglas is seen holding a microphone and is ready to go, soon the sound system is invaded by Amon Amarth’s Victorious March. The fans stirring as the competitor begins to make his way out, menacing as ever, his long hair draped in his face.


Ray Douglas: The following contest is a Special Attraction Match! Introducing first making his way to the ring, “Fenrir” CHRISTER LUNDMARK!


The fans still don't know how to respond as the big man makes his way down towards the ring, his eyes focused on the squared circle. Finally making it to ringside, he climbs onto the apron and into the ring.


Charles State: This guy is huge!


Blake Church: From the notes I've received, he stands six foot six and is weighing in tonight at two hundred and seventy eight pounds. Whoever his opponent is, is surely to have his hands full with this behemoth!


Lundmark’s music is soon cut off and replaced by “American Soldier” by Toby Keith.. Soon a man, sporting stars and striped tights and an American flag draped across his back, comes flying down the aisle with a sprint!


Ray Douglas: His opponent making his way towards the ring! JOHNNY “THE MISSILE” BLASS!


Blass slides into the ring, quickly getting to his feet, he eyes his larger opponent as official Scott Dean comes over to do the mandatory check.


Blake Church: Here we have a former Marine, now turned professional wrestler in Johnny Blass!


Charles State: I appreciate the tireless work he's done for this country, but I don't know if that will translate into a victory here tonight!


Now done with his checks, Scott Dean calls for the bell as both men begin to circle around the ring, Blass goes for a tie up but is quickly struck down to the mat courtesy of a big right have from Lundmark! Sitting up now grabbing at his jaw, Johnny Blass slowly rises to his feet as Lundmark stoically watches him. Finally back to his feet, Blass takes precaution as he approaches Christer Lundmark, the big man swings a right hand, but it's ducked, Blass now stinging his massive chest with knife edge chops, backing Fenrir into a corner. The more powerful Lundmark has had enough though and pushes Blass across the ring into ropes. Charging in Lundmark catches a boot to the face for his troubles, as Johnny Blass is back on the offense with hard chops!


Blake Church: I think it's a great game plan by Johnny Blass to use his speed to his advantage. At six foot, two hundred twelve pounds, he's going to need every advantage.


Charles State: I agree Blake, if Johnny slips and Lundmark is able to get his hands on him, it could spell doom for the former military soldier!


Now rocking the bigger Lundmark with forearm shots, Christer has no choice but to back into a corner, but the blows does more to anger Fenrir, than damage him, as he grabs The Missile by the neck and tosses him into the corner! He goes for a big swing, but Blass ducks and is back blistering his chest with chops yet again! A whip to the opposite corner is reversed by Lundmark as Blass crashes hard! Lundmark follows in, but I'd the recipient of another boot to the jaw, that sends the big man staggering back towards the ropes. Not wasting the opportunity, Blass quickly charges him, clotheslining him over the top rope! Just able to manage landing on his feet, Christer Lundmark takes a moment to recover on the outside. This is a big mistake, Blass now on the apron, charging full speed at Fenrir, taking him down with a leaping clothesline!


Blake Church: Johnny Blass out here to prove something tonight!


Charles State: Too bad this is only a special attraction match, and not for a contract with the CWF.


Blake Church: That's true but Blass is looking like he's ready to showcase his talents every week on Evolution!


Now back to his feet, Johnny Blass is fired up as the fans cheer the patriotic star on, he takes a few steps back, waiting for his opponent to get upright. Once he does, Blass comes charging in, but is caught around the throat by the massive hands of Lundmark, and he violently throws Blass bodily into the barricade! The fans now are booing the big man, who pays them no mind, removing hair from his face. He picks up Blass and rolls him into the ring as he begins to scale to the top turnbuckle, the NYC fans rising to their feet!


Blake Church: Is he really about to take flight!?


A stunned Blass is to his feet, dazed and confused to his surroundings, he finally finds his opposition, but it's too late as Lundmark comes flying off with a Diving Forearm, that has Blass down and out! Lundmark scrambles for the cover as Dean makes the count!








An irritated Lundmark is back to his feet, sending Blass stumbling backwards towards the corner with another huge forearm! Positioning himself across the ring from Blass, charging in like a bull, Lundmark connects with a vicious lariat that has Blass stumbling out of the corner, soon stumbling into the grasps of Lundmark who flings him across the ring with a Choke Toss Suplex! He quickly goes for the cover again!








Blake Church: That may be a costly mistake for Blass..


Charles State: Lundmark has full control now, it's inevitable the outcome of this match.


Stalking his opponent, Lundmark blasts the back of Blass as he tried to recover! Seizing up in pain, The Missile catches a right hand to the mouth, but with fight still in him, Blass returns the favor! Determined not to be outdone Lundmark rocks Blass with a forearm shot! Letting out a primal scream, Blass becomes relentless as rapid fire forearms connect with the face of Lundmark. Fenrir though retaliates with a boot to the gut end Blass’ momentum. Lundmark now irish whips Blass into the ropes, ducking down for a back body drop, however Blass puts on the brakes, kicking Lundmark in the face, standing him upright! Blass charges in but Lundmark catches him, lifting the lighter wrestler up and smashing him into a corner! Lundmark then quickly pulls him out, hooking and lifting up and spiking him to the canvas with a Vertical Suplex!


Blake Church: He calls that move Valhalla Rising, and I think it's all over as he's going for the pin.


Lundmark confidently hooks the leg of an unconscious Blass as the Scott Dean makes the count!








Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, by pinfall! CHRISTER LUNDMARK!


The massive man rises up off of Blass, Scott Dean coming over to raise his hand in victory, the crowd gives a mixed reaction, some genuinely not liking him, while others respect his in ring capabilities.


Blake Church: Christer Lundmark with the hard fought victory here tonight, but you can not discredit Johnny Blass..


Charles State: Well he did the only thing he could do and that was try, but the power of Lundmark proved to be too much.


Blake Church: That was a small sample of the action we have on hand for you guys here tonight! But now we must send it back to our panel for the evening. This has been Church and State, and Tara back to you guys!


The camera cuts from Church and State now back with our familiar panel.


Tara Robinson: What a contest by two very capable athletes, and maybe one day we will see either of the two compete full time with CWF!


Jace Valentine: That was an absolute bore fest, why did Ataxia even allow those guys to lace their boots, let alone climb into a CWF ring!


Marcus Maximus: Those two men went out and gave everything they have, and you shit on them?


Jace Valentine: Facts are facts Yedah..


Tara Robinson: Nonetheless, congratulation to Christer Lundmark who won his proverbial debut here tonight! Tonight is a night where a lot of unknowns may happen, but one thing that is known is that Jarvis King puts his Paramount Championship on the line against the returning Harley Hodge!


Jace Valentine: Clearly Jarvis is gonna stroll in and walk out, STILL, your Paramount Champion! That old fossil doesn't stand a chance..


Marcus Maximus: Especially if the tag champs, Smokin’ Aces find themselves involved in some capacity.


Lucas Greene: Exactly bro, like are the Aces going to be the ultimate deciding factor in this contest?


Jace Valentine: Let me enlightened your pothead ass, King can beat Hodge, with no question! If the Aces do show up, which I highly doubt, because we are all men with honor and class. The only thing they will be out there to do is make a statement, like The Glass Ceiling has been doing for weeks.


Tara Robinson: Speaking of the Aces, they'll be looking to retrieve the tag titles that were stolen from them by their opponents here tonight!


Lucas Greene: TBD might act like an odd couple, but I've seen these two men on the same page. And no matter how you look at it, they be the team to dethrone the champs!


Jace Valentine: The fuck are you smoking? Those two, beating the Aces? Yea you're delusional kid.


Marcus Maximus: Since joining with The Glass Ceiling, Styles and Jones have turned over a new leaf, and they look to take no prisoners.


Tara Robinson: The final match we are going to talk about before we get the big show started is a huge Grudge Match between Commissioner Ataxia and “The Ripper” Danny B!


Marcus Maximus: I think out of all the returns and debuts, CWF have produced this month, but nothing bigger than the Ripper returning.


Lucas Greene: In a nutshell, Danny B pissed off the wrong dude.


Marcus Maximus: Indeed he did, and everyone knows that it's a not a good idea to get on the bad side of the Commish!


Jace Valentine: Who are we kidding, this is nothing more than a cop out match! The Jace that Runs the Place wasn't medically cleared, so he needed some poor excuse of a has been to take on. Because trust me, if I was cleared the marquee would've read totally different!


Lucas Greene: Yea mang, you seem very salty, just let it go dude.


Jace Valentine: Take a skillet to your face, from a little kid and then let someone tell you to let it go. Who the fuck are you, Elsa?


A pie eyed Greene stares blankly at Jace before producing a joint, setting aflame to it, as we focus in on Tara.


Tara Robinson: Ok guys make sure you subscribe to CWF Wired Network and you will get Wrestle Fest IV free, it's an incredible deal, and you guys should really check that out. Especially if you don't want to miss a thing. We are just moments away from Wrestle Fest IV going live and you do not want to miss it! We've been running through all the marquee matches, and man do we have a loaded card. MJ and Colton Mace, Hawkhurst and Allen, the Aces taking on TBD, King versus Hodge. And so much more! Guys thank you all for joining me here tonight, but we have to get out of here, this is it for us, I hope you guys enjoy the show!


The camera pans one final time around Madison Square Garden, displaying the custom made stage area, as the fans are in their seats and ready for live CWF action! The lights soon fade out in the arena as the pretty show comes to an end and Wrestle Fest IV is now LIVE!



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