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Official Press Release. 

Press Release 
August 23rd, 2018

On the most recent episode of CWF Evolution, a new contracted wrestler made an appearance wherein false information was presented to the audience as fact. As this happened, Michael Morrison (Mikey Unlikely) contacted his representation, and has begun work on a Libel and Slander lawsuit against one Mr. Colton Mace. While Mikey and Colton share workplaces in both Hollywood, California as well as here in the Championship Wrestling Federation (Philadelphia, PA, to be referred as CWF), Mr. Morrison is not appreciative of the disparaging and unfounded comments made by Mr. Mace, or the irreparable damage it may cause. While this process has only begun, and is only in the discovery phase, an official request for unedited footage of the interview to be made available, has been sent to the CWF office for both teams of representation. Mr. Morrison and his legal team continue to monitor closely the progress of litigation and is prepared to take reasonable and necessary actions to ensure the interests and marketability of his own name. 

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