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Evolution 27 is dealing with the aftermath of Summer Games and Church and State are here to give the lowdown!


The picture opens to a view of the city of Montreal, sitting peacefully under a sunny sky with some clouds lazily floating across the azure. As the camera slowly turns, a throng of people is trying to enjoy the same view off the platform on the Mont Royal, a densely forested mountain in the middle of the island of Montreal. A section has been cordoned off for an area at the edge with the all the CWF insignia and backdrops in place. Blake Church and Charles State are sitting at their familiar desk sweating in the sun.

Blake Church: Good afternoon, bonjour CWF Universe, welcome to Montreal, bienvenue au Montreal.

Charles State: Welcome to Evolution 27, coming live from the hometown of Jace Valentine, who coincidentally is not even here this week, but somewhere at Disney, welcome to Montreal, Quebec and it has been quite a while since we’ve been in Canada.

Blake Church: Yes and that despite being just around the corner, haha. And we also have an ever-growing number of Canadians on the roster, Jarvis King, Jace Valentine, Silas Artoria, The Shadow, Xander Haze, all of them with varying levels of success.

Charles State: This is “Church vs. State”!

Blake Church: So, Summer Games is behind us and a lot of things happened, for example three new title holders!
Charles State: Eric Dane won the CWF Heavyweight title in an eventful End Games match, while Dorian Hawkhurst defeated Ataxia for the Impact belt and finally the Smokin’ Aces wrestling the gold away from The Forsaken to get it right back, nobody can complain about not enough action there.

Blake Church: So now we are still dealing with some of the aftermath of Summer Games, but we are here to look forward, so that is what we will do, right here, right now!
Charles State: Our appetizer of the evening comes in the shape of a bird and a bear. Kind of.

Blake Church: I see you are still metaphorically challenged?

Charles State: Yes, those are more your thing, but Autumn Raven and Pandalike are kicking off our show and Autumn walked out on Silas Artoria during their tag team title match at Summer Games, so it’s obvious that there does not seem to be any room for reconciliation in their “marriage”, so she is definitely looking to turn her luck around, but so does the recently re-revealed Pandalike, who came quite short during End Games, being the first one that got eliminated.

Blake Church: The match is not for any belts or any opportunities, but could be a turning point for either of their streaks, even though arguably Autumn is in far bigger need of some sort of success.
Charles State: Walking out on Silas kind of was a success...

Blake Church: Yes, in its own way indeed, but unfortunately for her not one that will be visible in the record books.
Charles State: There is that. Then we see the first Forsaken spring into action, with The Shadow facing one of the newest faces in CWF, Jimmy Allen.

Blake Church: Jimmy is a veteran in the business, but only now decided that he felt the need to come back and he chose CWF after a five year break. For that he did fare pretty well in his Fatal Fourway with the later winner Bobby Dean, The American Patriot and Wone, even if he did not come out victorious, but facing The Shadow is a borderline cruel fate to go for his first win in the federation.
Charles State: The Shadow is on a four match losing streak and determined to snap it, so The Catalyst might be facing a steep uphill battle. After just losing the titles to the Smokin’ Aces, The Shadow most definitely will be out for revenge and Jimmy just happens to stand in the way of him. But then again, sometimes being over motivated can lead to more problems than anything else.

Blake Church: And we went right to the man himself to get the lowdown on what has happened, what will happen and what might happen.

Charles State: Mr. Shadow, you just lost the tag team titles and have been on a losing streak, how are you dealing with it?

The Shadow: Well, I can’t really say that I am happy, but things like this happen. I’ve gone through worse things to let this affect me too much, but what is done is done. Dwelling on the past is not going to solve anything, learning from your mistakes will. 

Charles State: This is the second time that you lose a belt right at the next instance.

The Shadow: Haha, yes, it almost looks like I can’t hold on to these things, but you also have to see the sheer density of talent here in CWF, I have never seen as much competition, so if you look at it, it is fairly rare that anybody really holds on to one of them for a long time.

Charles State: What can we expect to see from you and the Forsaken that will shift the momentum back into your favor?

The Shadow: Well, one thing you will not see is us getting flustered by this situation, because The Forsaken are a very tight-knit group, inside and outside of the ring. We are going to continue down our path as a group and however much people would want to drive a wedge between us, they will not succeed.

Charles State: You are referring to the masked attackers?

The Shadow: Not just them, because for the longest time we’ve had people on our tails, but yes, the masked men are our current pest yes. I still don’t know what their intentions are, but they surely are not golden. But we will stand against them and unmask them and then bring them to justice.

Charles State: Other than that what are your plans for the nearer future?

The Shadow: Me personally find out more about my wife’s medical treatment and get back onto the winning side.

Charles State: Contrary to what some people say *cough* Rolash *cough*, he actually is no freak, but a determined man despite all the problems he has faced.

Blake Church: Speaking of problems, Azrael is also trying to get himself sorted out and against Lucas Greene he had the maybe strongest showing in a long ti…


The screen cuts to static and the studio goes dim as all feeds cut to static. Suddenly the static clears and a shadowy figure can be seen sitting behind the desk. Clad in shadow with a light shining from behind him, his features can’t be made out. His voice is of course distorted by a voice modifier.

???: Greetings! You don’t know me yet, but I know ALL about you. The CWF has met its match and the day has FINALLY arrived for a hostile tempest the likes of which has NEVER been seen before. It all starts at Evolution 27 people, and I hope to whatever gods, goddesses, or spaghetti monsters in the sky you all believe in that you’re prepared. Things are about to get Hostile TONIGHT. The past has come back to bite you all in the ass and you will all know what it’s like to lose something precious to you when I rip apart everything that you all hold near and dear to your collective hearts when the time comes for CWF to pay for all of its past transgressions. Mistakes have come home to roost CWF and dare I say that it’s about damn time.


The screen once again cuts to static and power is restored to the broadcasting booth. Church and State are left staring at the monitors in complete and total confusion, unsure how to continue. Charles State is the first to recover.

Charles State: Erhm, yes, sorry about that folks! Might be a broadcasting issue that needs to be worked out! Anyways, Blake! What’s next up on the docket?

Blake Church: Next up we have a tag team match and if one deserves the label of “heavyweight”, then it is this one, with two unlikely teams, no pun intended. Mikey Unlikely is teaming up with Beautiful Bobby Dean and is trying to beat Jarvis King and The Ringmaster, who are just as unlikely of a team as the former.

Charles State: Bobby had taken Mikey’s spot at Summer Games after an unfortunate incident and actually accidentally won the match, while Jarvis and The Ringmaster were on opposing teams in End Games, but with the same result, getting eliminated before things came even close to the finale, so they definitely want to chalk up a win here.

Blake Church: Just earlier we had Azrael facing off against Pete Whealdon, now we have Lucas Greene meeting Bronson Box, so the, again, unlikely alliance of Azrael and Lucas that had formed at Summer Games is facing off at basically the two lower tier members of the Golden Paradigm and arguably Lucas has the harder draw with the Scottish Prizeboxer having made a name for himself as one of the most hard hitting athletes to ever grace a CWF ring.

Charles State: Will Greene be lucid enough to even realize who he is in the ring with?

Blake Church: Good question, but if not I am sure that Bronson will make sure to introduce himself fairly quickly.

Charles State: Hahaha, definitely. And I am just waiting for a tag team match between these four as well.

Blake Church: Give it a week or so...

Charles State: And then we have the main event, with the Smokin’ Aces facing The Forsaken, but A) not for the titles and B) neither The Shadow nor Mia Rayne are involved, with Ataxia and Dorian Hawkhurst taking their places and this one will be interesting on several levels.

Blake Church: For one the Aces just took the belts from the other Forsaken and for the other, and that has probably more weight in this one, the Aces’ involvement with the masked men that have been attacking the Forsaken for a few weeks now, so there probably is a feeling of revenge coming into this match as well.
Charles State: That is all we have for you tonight, a short, but explosive card and we are on the road to Wrestle Fest, so you never know what might still happen during the show, a few stars are not officially on the show, but we all know that sometimes they still manage to find their way into things, so we will have to see!

Blake Church: So there you have it, all the information you need to be prepared for Evolution 27 all in one compact show.

Charles State: Have fun, stay safe, stay cool and we’ll be right here waiting for you to come back next week I am Charles State and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.


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