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Summer Games is here and Blake Church and Charles State are ready to give all the last minute infos you will need before the big show happens!

The FedEx Field, the camera is high up in the stands, looking down at the hustle and bustle out on the field with an army of crew members and stagehands scurrying around to set up everything for the big Summer Games PPV by CWF. The grass has been covered up to minimize the damage to the playing surface of the NFL’s Washington Redskins and much already looks in place, like the trusses around the ring, the stage and the ramp. The zoomed in picture shows the workers struggling in the stifling heat, taking to one of the many ice-filled coolers with water bottles. The camera zooms back out and turns to show the pair of Blake Church and Charles State sitting in some of the highest seats the stadium has to offer, with a tent like structure around them and lots of fans blowing their way, with a bucket with ice and water between them.

Blake Church: Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to purgatory, also known as FedEx Field. We have 95 degrees up here, but down there in the fiery pit thermometres have shown as much as 115 degrees, so when watching the show from your air conditioned den, think about what these people have to go through for you to be able to enjoy this.
Charles State: They are the unsung heroes of CWF, or any other event like this, so let’s all raise our hands for them.

Both give a round of applause, drowned out in the noise of the production being assembled down on ground level.

Blake Church: Actually we can up that by one notch. We have our production supervisor Tristan Nancarrow up here to answer a few questions, hi Tristan!

A man in his thirties walks into view, wearing cargo shorts, a black shortsleeved worker’s shirt with the CWF logo embroidered on it and a black sunhat, his long hair bound together in a ponytail. He gives a brief wave to the camera and sits down just behind Church and State.

Charles State: Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule and come here, so we’ll make it quick, but I am sure that some viewers will appreciate a little look behind the scenes.

Tristan Nancarrow: Thanks for having me AND for making it quick, haha.

Blake Church: So what is the biggest challenge for you with the set up in an open air stadium like this compared to a regular arena show?

Tristan Nancarrow: The unpredictability of the weather and being outside in general. The by far biggest worry is, as you can imagine, rain, because that creates problems on so many levels, be it the electrical, things getting slippery, just in general the inconvenience. The second biggest is wind. We have so many things built up here and backstage that we have to secure so much stronger in case the wind picks up or gusts, so we don’t have things falling off or flying around too much.

Charles State: I can just imagine what horror that would be. And the heat probably doesn’t help either.

Tristan Nancarrow: No, it sucks when you have to be down there building everything up or tearing it down after the show, but the high temperatures also wreak havoc on equipment overheating, people overheating, also these guys exert themselves quite a bit in the ring, so if you add the heat and like here the humidity, this could potentially get dangerous for their health as well.

Blake Church: One more question, then we will let you go, how much of a show do you actually see?

Tristan Nancarrow (laughs): Haha, not much, at least not in the traditional sense. There are so many moving parts to this whole thing that I am constantly doing something backstage to make sure everything runs smoothly. Sure there are monitors and TVs everywhere, but I can’t just sit down or stand still enough to really watch a whole match.

Charles State: Thank you very much for your insight, Tristan, I hope that you’ll get everything finished up on time!

As Tristan makes his way back down, Blake and Charles re-shift towards the camera again.

Blake Church: Now to the other heroes, the ones that will battle on the grounds they are preparing down there.

Charles State: This is “Church vs. State”!

Blake Church: So - Summer Games is our second summer PPV and the second one that goes open air after Paradise, but the weather forecast is good for the show, so I don’t think we see anybody get hit by lightning like last time...
Charles State: No, we should be safe and our insurance company should also be happy about that part. But, the PPV. Starting out we have two gentlemen that had a bit of a run in two weeks ago after their respective matches at Evolution 26 in Uniondale, Azrael and Lucas Greene.

Blake Church: The Archangel of Apathy, who seems to be trying to turn things around for him against the happy-go-lucky Master of Pot, two men that could hardly be more (in)different from each other.

Charles State: Well, if you think about it, they are actually not that different, they both have a decent amount of apathy, the source of it just greatly differs.

Blake Church: That is true, good point there. Azrael has a dismal win-loss record, but more often than not is close, really close to actually winning. Greene on the other hand is brand new to our madhouse and had the bad luck of facing The Ringmaster last time around and he surely will want to put his best foot forward, especially after their altercation, so we will see who will care less, well, less.
Charles State: What is a recipe for chaos? Put people into a ring that know absolutely nothing about each other. And because we love structure so much around here, Wone, The American Patriot, Jimmy Allen and Mikey Unlikely all together in one of the least grudgy matches in CWF history

Blake Church: How are you supposed to prepare for people that you may have seen once, if at all…?
Charles State: I would assume you just go in and wing it.

Blake Church: Sounds legit. Now The American Patriot might have a disadvantage after his horrendous looking knee injury two weeks ago against Eric Dane, we reached out to our chief doc, Dr. Harmon Leggett.

The picture cuts to Dr. Leggett at his desk at CWF HQ in Philadelphia.

Charles State: Dr. Leggett, The American Patriot suffered what looked like a quite bad injury to his knee in his match against Eric Dane, can you give us an update on his situation?

Dr. Harmon Leggett: It thankfully looked worse than it actually was, he dislocated his knee cap, which hurts like hell to begin with, and the knee cap then pressed against some of the ligaments behind it. He did undergo some quite rigorous physio and he is cleared for the match.
Charles State: So there should not be any handicap for him?

Dr. Harmon Leggett: Well, there always is a chance that something might happen again, since it is somewhat weakened already, but no, he should be good to compete.

Charles State: Thank you for the update, Dr. Leggett.

The picture is back with the Dynamic Duo, wich Charles having a wet towel on his head.

Blake Church: Good to hear that there does not seem to be any lasting damage, we’ve had a few people of late that had some issues, I’m just thinking The Shadow after Bronson Box rammed him into that cannon...
Charles State: Yes, but they all came back quick and we’ll have to see how this match is going to play out, it’s like stepping out into the great unknown.

Blake Church: Better known is Andy Murray, who came back with a bang at Golden Intentions and he is going against one quarter of the Golden Paradigm, Pete Whealdon. Whealdon so far has shown some odd antics since he has come into CWF and we will still have to see how he is going to fit into the grander scheme of things, but just by association with Eric Dane and consorts we should not underestimate him in this match.
Charles State: Murray will probably be the most tense person in the arena later tonight to see, who he will face in his championship challenge at Wrestle Fest, but Whealdon is going to give him a run for his money, that much is for sure.

Blake Church: Now people want intensity in wrestling and the next one cranks it to 11. Zach vs. Xander Haze, the culmination of an ugly feud that has been one of the most brutal in this federation’s history, including a murder attempt - where I am still not sure how Haze is still out there instead of behind bars - a sleazy detective, a kidnapping and now the potential electrocution of a young lady, this is like a bad car accident, you don’t really want to see it, but you still end up looking.
Charles State: That is a pretty good description. The Livewire match starts out quite innocently as a wrestling match, but there is a carrying control panel to the power supply suspended above the ring, dead centre, where the victor decides the fate of Celia Lockheart, the young lady you mentioned. They can either activate the electric chair she is tied to, or shut it down. So potentially a life truly is going to be on the line with this one.

Blake Church: I bet that our insurance company is not quite happy about the prospect of an innocent woman potentially being grilled on the show, but let’s just hope that Zach will prevail and this...this thing will finally come to an end without anybody getting hurt too badly.
Charles State: Speaking of hurting, remember that earlier we had four people in the ring? Well, we are upping the ante by cramming six of them in there next, when the CWF Tag Team Championship is on the line and The Forsaken The Shadow and Mia Rayne meet the gentlemen they had taken the belts off of, the Smokin’ Aces Duce Jones and Freddie Styles, and the tag team-turned-total terror of Silas Artoria and Autumn Raven.

Blake Church: Every single one of these ladies and gentlemen actually lost at least their last matches at Evolution 27, so when talking about momentum being taken into a game, this is not it. The Forsaken have been working together as an extremely tightly knit unit, within and outside of the tag team circuit and as unlikely of a team they are, The Shadow and Mia, or Amelia, seem to be able to feed off each other and with great success.
Charles State: Same for the Smokin’ Aces, who just feel like such a natural fit for a tag team and who are most definitely chomping at the bits to get their hands on the titles again. So two tight knit teams going in and then we have, as I had mentioned, Silas and Autumn, former companions in both the Harbingers and Coalition and recent weeks have shown that they are truly on different pages now.

Blake Church: I don’t think they are in the same book anymore actually.

Charles State: Exactly, so the question with them is, if they are able to function as a team at least long enough to actually challenge or just ruin their chances by in-fighting from the get-go.

Blake Church: Next match, next belt, this time Impact and Dorian Hawkhurst and Ataxia have pushed each other to their limits every time they have met so far, including the infamous battle all the way into a bar, so this one is going to be an interesting one on so many levels. Will their partnership within the Forsaken make a difference? Will there be old grudges coming back up? And more. Oh, and also will they actually stay in the ring this time around?

Charles State: Some people have been calling Ataxia being Impact champion and commissioner at the same time a conflict of interest, but so far I don’t think we can complain too much about his reign, it’s not as if Rish under the influence of Elisha had been doing that stellar of a job either, but that is a different story.

Blake Church: No matter how you look at it, this has all the makings of another classic fight, so I’m really excited for it.

Charles State: But the main event, THE main event, End Games, might pulverize anything that these two might be conjuring up and as proof that we can count in the CWF, we had matches with 2, 4 and 6 athletes already, so this one is the big one with eight of them. Even just the names are reason enough to make you start salivate.

Blake Church: Revenant. Dick Fury. Jace Valentine. Jarvis King.

Charles State: MJ Flair. Eric Dane. Bronson Box. The Ringmaster.

Blake Church: Do we really have to say anything else about this one? I think we could just leave it at that.

Charles State: Maybe a bit more.

Blake Church: Alright. 2 teams survivor series style eliminate each other one by one until there is only one left, regardless of team, and at the end is the World Heavyweight title. And the sentence of having to meet Andy Murray at Wrestle Fest.

Charles State:  OK, that’s good.

Blake Church: Thank you. So if you haven’t already done so, call your TV provider and get on the CWF Network to see this epic match, this epic PPV, this epic...everything!

Charles State: We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, because this one is going to be grandiose! I am Charles State and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.

As he says that, Blake picks up the bucket between them and dumps it over his head.

Blake Church: Ah, now that’s better!


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