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Chaos ensues within the hallowed halls of the CWF!

The 26th episode of the regularly scheduled Evolution wrestling event has been postponed due to some unforseen circumstances as the global wrestling pioneer, Championship Wrestling Federation, experiences a brief period of tumult.

The found, owner and CEO of the company, Justin Rishel and the entire Rishel family have seemingly disappeared with no trace, nor any indication of their current whereabouts. Any attempt to contact the owner and his kin have failed.

The promotion has purpotedly been at the centre of some machinations by an indidividual known only as Elisha, the leader of a powerful and influential Cult-like Organisation known as Ouroboros. Elisha and Ourboros were believed to be using the wrestling company as a means to enact plans for World Domination. Cooperative efforts by many of the World's finest Special Forces and Intelligence agencies conducted a joint task-force operation, code named Snake-Eater, in a bid to depose the Moonchild from their seat of power within the occupied nation of Makhnovia. The United Forces were met with some resistance but the ultimate fate of Elisha and his Ouroboros is yet unknown.

In response to this attack on the Cult and their summary splintering, the current CWF World Champion, Caledonia Summers-Highlander has parted ways with the company to conduct a concerted search and rescue operation to find her missing husband, Daniel Highlander, last believed to be in the custody Ouroboros.

What this means for the wrestling company and it's members has yet to be seen.

More as events further unfold.



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