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CWF's Church vs. State returns with everything you need to know about the big Evolution 25 Extravaganza!

Blake Church: It is Evolution 25, folks, we’ve filled the first quarter-hundred!
Charles State: Quarter-hundred? Really? And in line with this special event, we have a, well, special event for you, coming to you from right here in Columbus, Ohio!

Blake Church: Two titles on the line, a brandnew chapter in the battle for the leadership of our federation and a whole bunch more, this will not be forgotten soon!

Charles State: Most definitely not! Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is “Church vs. State”!

Blake Church: So, what do we have on the menu this coming Tuesday? First off a four course meal consisting of two returnees, Autumn Raven and Billy Raven, one veteran, Duce Jones, and a newcomer in Pete Whealdon.
Charles State: I am not quite sure why Duce is in here as a former world champion, but well, he is and I think his biggest competition probably should be Pete Whealdon, who is coming off a win in his first match against Azrael last week. 

Blake Church: Yes, he looked pretty impressive, while the other two competitors do not quite look as impressive, with Autumn Raven coming off an almost unprecedented losing streak, including a rather violent break-up from Silas Artoria, and Billy Anderson, well, I am not quite sure what to say about him, because, he actually manages to surpass Autumn’s streak and, hm, he hasn’t even been speaking for weeks, or what feels months, so while they say that actions speak louder than words, there’s absolute silence in both departments.
Charles State (chuckling): That was almost poetic.

Blake Church: Thank you.
Charles State: I had just mentioned Azrael, who is part of the A Team of Autumn and Anderson with a very heavy list towards the loss side, he is meeting with the most furious of them all, Dick Fury. Not that his CWF career has been littered with success so far, but he at least did a pretty respectable job last week in the Paramount contender match, so will Azrael continue the A-Team’s slide?

Blake Church: Only time will tell. Again I had just mentioned Silas and he is also in action tonight after last week’s break, and he is facing one of the federation’s toughest cookies - Omega. Little Miss O has made a resounding return to CWF with a loss in last week’s Malice In Wonderland match, but she definitely left an impression and she will see into giving our aristocrat here a run for his money.
Charles State: Silas is in trouble with a good part of the roster and also outside of the federation for his recent attack on Tara Robinson, so we will have to see if there will be any potential repercussions.

Blake Church: On to the next battle and this one is a big one! Jarvis King - Eclipse - Paramount Title. Let these words melt on your tongue, because this has all the makings of a grand fight. To lose many words about Jarvis King, well,  would be a waste, because he has been one of the most defining characters of CWF, period, and his feud with Christian Starr was absolute class. And with that also his recent reign, but now he is meeting his, quite literally, biggest opponent yet.
Charles State: He broke into CWF at the Golden Intentions rumble and almost won the whole thing and then annihilated three other competitors to stand in this match right here. And he is not just any newcomer, since he seems to be far more of a familiar threat than most would have imagined and kicked Blake out of the door to meet up with the mysterious gentleman for some answers.

Blake Church: Mr. Eclipse, I guess, you've entered CWF with a very audible bang at Golden Intentions, ran through the Fatal Fourway to win the title shot at the Paramount title and now are just mere days away from going head to head with Jarvis King. How does it feel to have made such an impact in such short amount of time?

Eclipse: An impact? An impact, is that what you call it, buddy? At first they weren't paying attention. Now you're telling me that they're impressed. These people, Mr. Church...with all respect to whatever it is that you do...these people, they can't seem to see what is right in front of them. They can't seem to see as I see. I...haven't done anything yet. My work is just getting started. They thought they won. Soon enough, they will see how wrong they really are.

Blake Church: Now you have alluded to the Tormented Soul several times, even implying that you may be the Tormented Soul Reborn. It may be coincidence, but there is another wrestler in CWF lore that used that nickname. Hall of Famer, Chaolin Sahn. Is there a connection between you and Sahn, or do you simply take the name as homage to a legendary competitor? Also, if you are not just a greenhorn trying to gain a foothold in the business - what would you describe yourself as?

Eclipse: Chaolin Sahn...he was a man of many names was he not? He talked in rhythms, spoke in rhymes. People thought he was the master manipulator. People thought he was something he wasn't. Simply put, Chaolin Sahn was a child granted the power of a weapon he had no clue how to wield. He was granted a blessing and lived his whole living thinking he was cursed. In the end, Chaolin Sahn served his purpose like the rest. In the end, Chaolin Sahn proved Unworthy.

I'm not trying to get my foothold in this business, no. The claws have already been dug in. The fangs have already met their mark and the gasoline is about to hit the open flame.

Blake Church: How can you say that? It's become common knowledge now that you have no prior wrestling history, no formal training. You are an amateur, yet you step into a title fight in just three weeks into the business?

Eclipse: Wrestling, heh. Yeah, I'm not a wrestler. Yet, fighting is nothing new to me and winning has become second nature. The CWF is an old hunting ground. The Beast never goes too far from home. Violence and brutality is the name of the game, Mr. Church. It's what I'm good at. They have not seen what I am capable of yet. I am not a wrestler, I am simply the darkness.

Blake Church: You've come into CWF at a time of great turmoil. There's the Ouroboros trying to take control, and an alliance against them -- The Forsaken. Members of Team Defiance have appeared on the scene. In this power struggle for the CWF leadership, could we see Eclipse get lost and swept away? Or do you see this as an opportunity to be stalking in the shadows and being able to strike when the enemy least expects it? Beyond the Paramount title, what do you have your eyes set on?

Eclipse: Everyone has their own battles at hand. Everyone is distracted, preoccupied while fate stares them in the face. They are arrogant. They are ignorant. They are...Unworthy. The Paramount title? The Paramount title is...insignificant. I get to take something from Jarvis King that is important to him. I get to take something from the CWF that is important to them. There is much more at stake here. For me, and the torched and ruined that line my path. The blasphemers will be the first to fall. There is much more at stake here, my friend.

Charles State: Looks like Eclipse has a very firm grasp on what he wants to do and how to get there, I am sure that this has not been the last we’ve heard of him, quite the contrary.

Blake Church: No, and he has this conviction that really makes you believe that anything he said he will actually do and manage to do.
Charles State: Speaking of conviction, nobody has been as vocal about the safety of “his” federation as Ataxia. The Messiah Pariah has been very passionate about not letting CWF go to the dogs, since it is his, or so he says, and he has confronted J. Rish several times about it and now has a pretty unique chance to leave even more of a mark on this company.

Blake Church: Well, Rish challenged Ataxia to a Columbus Street Fight and what he has put on the line is what makes this even more special, if Ataxia wins this match, he will become CWF commissioner and this thought alone has had Mike Rolash sign up for anti-anxiety classes. What we can expect, regardless of the outcome, is going to be ugly, brutal and passionate and might take a little longer to clean up for the following match that sees Ataxia’s fellow Forsaken Mia Rayna and The Shadow face off against Eric Dane and Bronson Box.
Charles State: Yes last week we have seen single matches between them and now we get the rematch, so to say, in a very heated and personal affair that has been definitely going past the regular tag team match circumstances. There is no love lost between Bronson and The Shadow, Amelia is highly unhappy with Eric Dane despite saving her against the Ouroboros last week, but even between Bronson Box and Dane the tensions are running high, so this is a potentially highly explosive concoction here.

Blake Church: One more match that comes with plenty of hype is the one between Freddie Styles and THE ultimate surprise return at Golden Intentions - Andy Murray, returning after 13 years with a true bang, winning the rumble and immediately returning to the main event picture for WrestleFest. Now with the exception of Ataxia there is nobody in CWF that has actually been in this federation back when he had last graced its rings, so it will be interesting to see how this is going to play out.
Charles State: Especially since Murray did not show any signs of ring rust during his rumble appearance, but Freddie will definitely be a more than worthy opponent for his singles return to CWF and I wonder if Mr. McLean will try to approach him as well, after his meeting with Bronson Box did definitely not go as planned.

Blake Church: Well, a true Scot never gives up, right?
Charles State: I suppose, but we will see. This, though, leaves us with one match and that is our second title match of the evening, the re-match between Caledonia and MJ Flair, two of the most fiery firecrackers CWF has ever seen will be battling it out again and who has seen the first edition will be looking forward to this one and there is more than just the title at stake here.

Blake Church: Well, obviously it is, but MJ Flair is trying to get into the main event at WrestleFest in her more-or-less hometown New York, but it also will decide who will square off against Andy Murray at our biggest PPV of the year, so a lot of things will be decided right here in Columbus!
Charles State: Evolution 25, a special occasion, a special event, so if you miss this one, you are not a CWF fan!

Blake Church: Yes, if you had any plans to die, postpone it, because you do not want to miss this!
Charles State: So, what are you doing Tuesday evening?
Blake Church: Watch Evo 25, nothing else!

Charles State: We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, unless you are not watching Evo 25, I am Charles State and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.

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