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There have been a slew of new signings to CWF as our roster is exploding with new talent! In the last few days we've seen signings of The American Patriot, A "Beautiful" Superstar, and more.... but none may be bigger than the most recent signing of one Mr. Mikey Unlikely!


The professional wrestler, turned Hollywood Actor, has been lighting up screens on Hulu recently with his trademark show, Crow's Alley! Now he's going to be lighting up the CWF screen. When his debut will happen is yet to be seen, but it's coming soon!

When asked for comment, Mikey Unlikely released a statement through Penny Reynolds, His Personal Relations assistant.

"Mr Unlikely is very excited to continue his wrestling career, within Championship Wrestling Federation! CWF management has gone out of their way to assure Mikey Unlikely he would be treated with respect, and recieve all the adulation he deserves from the great fans the company has. Mikey will join the rest of the CWF roster, at the conclusion of his filming, on the newest Preperation H commercial.

This message was read and approved by Mr. Unlikely himself, and remember... Find your Personal Pain Reliever, with PREPERATION H!"



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