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Footage was caught backstage during and after the Fatal Fourway Match!

Zach is fired up, ready to confront Xander Haze and not let his recent transgressions go unpunished. The young Philadelphian native has it all figured out. He’s going to jump the barrier through the crowd and give the Gimp a piece of his mind. Zach can hear the Fatal Fourway Match underway, the crowd voicing their responses…It is time…Zach moves to the gate.

“Hold It!”

His way is barred by two of the arena security guards.

Zach: C’mon guys, I’m one of the wrestlers. I gotta get in there.

Security Guard #1: Wait…I know you…

Secuirty Guard #2: Isn’t that the kid who got his arse beat by Ourboros a while back?

Zach visibly deflates.

Security Guard #1: Yeah. You're right.

There's a hint of humour in the security guards voice and Zach gets the distinct impression the rent-a-cops are sizing him up.

Zach: Yeah…That was me. Though the name isn't Kid. It's Zach.

Security Guard #2: Good to see you up and about again kid.

Zach rolls his eyes.

Security Guard #1: Unfortunately we can’t let you through.

Zach: What? Why not?

This wasn't part of the plan.

Security Guard#1: We got paid by some pudgy, slimy guy named Kreese to make sure a kid of your description named Zach doesn’t get involved in this match.

Zach can’t believe his misfortune. John Kreese is many unpleasant things, but if nothing else it seems was a clever individual. Probably the only thing he got going for him really. Zach doesn’t bother trying to resist and gives a sarcastic wave off to the security guards before disappearing. It isn’t over though, not by a long shot. Zach is not about to let his soaring confidence and determination go to waste. He forces himself to wait patiently in hiding…


The match is over, the competitors filtering out of the stage way. Xander is the last to walk through the curtain when.

“Get Over Here!”

The Gimp snaps around to see the form of young Zach striding up to him with a purpose.

Xander Haze: Well. Well. I didn’t actually think you’d show your face.

Zach: Shut the hell up you Goomba!

Xander Haze: Goom-What?

Despite not quite understanding the comment, Xander knows an insult when he hears one and begins to tense up.

Zach: Why are you even involved? Why’d you go and pull a Bowser?

Xander Haze:...You're a fucking weird kid. But since you asked, it's cause your pal Kreese has offered me money, fame and respect.

Zach: Things he himself severely lacks?

Xander Haze: The real question is...

Xander advances on Zach until the two are nose to nose.

Xander Haze: What are YOU going to do about it?

Though Zach’s instincts are telling him to run, he steels his resolve and remains firmly in place.

Zach: This really the game you want to play arsehole?

Xander Haze: I ain’t afraid of you kid. You want to do something about it…I’m right here…

Security and CWF staff are beginning to gather, ready to respond. Zach understands nothing would be gained if he were to attack Xander right now. Again he forces himself to be calm and patient.

Zach: That’s really the dialogue choice you gonna go with?

Xander nods firmly and expectantly.

Zach: So be it.

Just when Xander and everyone else in attendance is ready for the strike, Zach backs away.

Zach: I’ll remember you said that. Just keep in mind Xander. There ain’t no reloading this save file.

Despite every ounce of his body demanding he stay and attack the Gimp, Zach walks away from the scene.



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