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Something big went down at EVO 24 and has not been released to the public...until now!

Segment Title: Who owns what?

We cut to Rish walking into his office. He stops and glares as sitting in his chair looking thru papers is of course, Ataxia. Ataxia smirks at Rish who takes a deep breath as he walks in.

Rishel: Get out!

Ataxia: No...Howse your hand?

Rishel: It'd be a lot better if you'd keep your girlfriend in line.

Ataxia: Honest mistake.

Rishel: Mistake?

Ataxia: Yeah...if you were pure of mind and heart Lynk wouldn't have hurt you. Sounds like someone is under an evil influence.

Rishel: You're sounding more cryptic than usual.

Ataxia: I know something is up bud. I think you need to take a step back and see what you are doing. This booking makes no sense because it makes perfect sense to me...

Rishel: What?

Ataxia: All of these matches. Pitting people against each other who have a common goal. Rish...I'm crazy...not an idiot. I see patterns. I notice things. You know this. What's going on?

Rishel: Get. Out.

Ataxia: You know. I had thought after everything that's happened here between us you and I could come to some understanding, but seeing as how you won't let me help you...I'm just going to have to assume control.

Rishel slams his good hand down on the desk.

Rishel: When are you going to fucking realize that you don't own my federation! This is my company! I fought damn hard to get it back! I'll be damned if I am going to let the resident nutjob try and tell me what to do!


Ataxia puts his hand on Rish's hand.

Ataxia: No one is disputing you fought hard Rish, however...knowing you as well as I do.

Ataxia takes his index finger and thumb and grabs the pressure point between Rish's index finger and thumb and puts pressure on. Rish let's out a yelp of pain as he brings his other hand down and Ataxia brings a pen from the desk and slams it down with such force that it goes thru the desk...barely missing Rish's injured hand. Ataxia keeps the hold on.

Ataxia: You cave under pressure...maybe it's about time we get someone in here who knows what he's doing...maybe someone like...

Ataxia reaches up with the hand that slammed the pen into the desk and pulls off his mask showing the face of...

Big Sexay-taxia: (In the voice of Big Sexay) Me...what do you say Rish. I did a hell of a job before.

Rishel: Fuck you! You think you can do a better job of this than me.

Ataxia puts his mask back on and let's go of the hold. He stands up and sighs.

Ataxia: I can see you and I are at an impasse Rish. You keep this up and you just might found out what getting on my bad side can do for you. I don't want to. We've been down this road before and I held back. 

Rishel: So have I Tax...You think you can come in here and push me around because you're fucking nuts?! I got news for you “frand”...I have faced down so many of your ilk before there is nothing you can do to get inside of my head...

Ataxia: I don't want to get inside of your head Rish...I want to help you.

Rishel: Then do your damn job without bitching me out! You think it's so easy to do're going to get what you want. 

Ataxia: I want you to tell me the truth...

Rishel: I'll tell you the the ring...No Disqualification...if I do as your fucking told...

Ataxia:...You can't be serious.

Before Ataxia can finish his statement Rishel decks Ataxia, with his good hand,  hard sending him flying over the desk into the wall.

Rishel: Howse that for serious!


Ataxia gets up and pops his jaw back into place. 

Ataxia: If this is what you want Rish. Fine. When I win...When I break you...When I tear your soul apart then you will have no choice...I will be the new commissioner of CWF!

Rishel: I got nothing to worry about. Despite all your bravado you're just some idiot in a mask who thinks he can change the world...

Ataxia: And you're just a bitter old man trying to stay one step ahead of the darkness...don't worry Rish...I'll save you...rather you like it or not. See you at Wrestlefest...FRAND!

Ataxia walks past Rishel and stops for a moment.

Ataxia:...I really didn't want to do this...

Rishel: We all have to do what we have to do Tax...Get the fuck out of here.

Ataxia sighs and walks out into the hallway as Rishel stands trying to compose himself.



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