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Blake Church and Charles State are back behind the desk for everything you need to know about Evolution 24!

Blake Church: Good evening and welcome to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
Charles State: Unfortunately we have some bad news for you right from the get go, you will have to deal with Blake and me this week, but a huge thank you to Adrien and Angus for stepping in for us on short notice!

Blake Church: And in another piece of bad news - Mike Rolash is in Pittsburgh, we are sorry.

Charles State (laughing): Anyways, this is “Church vs. State”!

Blake Church: Golden Intentions is history and my Lord, has it ever been a busy evening with The Forsaken capturing the tag team titles and in the biggest news of the night, Andy Murray returning with a bang!
Charles State: Defying all the odds, he came in and battled his way through 29 other competitors to be the last man standing in the Golden Intentions rumble, earning him a shot at the World Heavyweight title at WrestleFest IV!

Blake Church: But enough of the past and the further future, we have a show to prepare for here in the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, and Evolution 24 is having some more hard hitting action in store for you!
Charles State: Setting things off is our Archangel of Apathy, Azrael, against one of our numerous new faces, Pete Whealdon, who has followed Eric Dane and Bronson Box from Defiance, in his first match in CWF.

Blake Church: Azrael made the headlines by not even entering the rumble to begin with, further deepening the the mystery around this man, who, to be honest, is the maybe biggest riddle CWF has ever seen in its ranks and we have seen quite the strange characters throughout the years--
Charles State (coughs): Rolash

Blake Church (smiling and trying not to laugh): --but his incredible lack of caring has been taking the cake for a while and is going for the rest of the bakery now.
Charles State: Whealdon, on the other hand, has risen through the Japanese wrestling scene, so that’s going to be an interesting match up, since the only other Japan-trained individual in our midst is Silas Artoria...

Blake Church: Next up we aim a good bit higher, because the number one spot in the Paramount title race is up for grabs in a Fatal Fourway with one of the oddest line-ups we have seen in a while.
Charles State: We have Krayzie, Duce Jones’ father that has just joined CWF, Dick Fury, free agent that seems to be trying to stick, enigmatic Eclipse that almost managed to take the Golden Intentions rumble by storm and finally our local anger management expert Xander Haze.

Blake Church: With the exception of Haze, the only appearance of any of the participants has been the rumble, so it is hard to gauge how they might fare, but Eclipse had been impressive for sure and Haze has been definitely building up his profile in the federation, so this mix definitely has some interesting appeal.
Charles State: The next two matches have a bit of an odd aftertaste again, with our tag team champions being featured in two separate matches against two other wrestlers that are part of a faction of their own.

Blake Church: At first The Shadow is facing the Scottish brawler Bronson Box and then Amelia is going against Eric Dane, who she has had some major disagreements with during Golden Intentions.
Charles State: The Shadow and overall The Forsaken have been riding a wave of success, with Ataxia and both The Shadow and Amelia holding belts and their wins have racked up quite a bit, but the Defiance faction with Dane and Box cannot be underestimated.

Blake Church: Definitely not. They both come highly decorated and Dane has already proven his mettle alongside MJ Flair, while Bronson’s reputation as a prime fighter is preceding him.
Charles State: The we see Elisha in action for the first time in quite a while, teaming up with Judas and taking on the freshly dethroned tag team champions Smokin’ Aces. Ouroboros has been an incredibly busy set of evil beavers, causing havoc everywhere, attacking, incapacitating and more, so in a way they are the exact opposite of the grounded, down to earth Duce Jones and Freddie Styles, who are most probably looking for some sort of redemption after losing their belts last week.

Blake Church: It would definitely be another in-ring boost for Ouroboros, since their success had been somewhat limited of late, but that has never stopped them from laying waste to anything or anyone standing in their ways. With the Smokin’ Aces, though, it remains to be seen, if the Oreos, as they so disaffectionately are called, may not have bitten off just a bit more than they can chew.
Charles State: Then another Forsaken is in the ring, this time the one and thankfully only Ataxia, I do not think the world is ready for more than one of them, going against none other than MJ Flair in a non-title match, but you never know, a win for MJ could maybe lead to a real shot.

Blake Church: It is definitely possible, but for that she has to overcome Ataxia to begin with, who just defended his title against Silas Artoria, who has had his eyes on MJ in the past as well, so these two already share some history, so to say.
Charles State: Ataxia is still working on ridding “his” federation from the unwanted intruders and technically these two stand on the same side, opposing Ouroboros, so once again we have allies having to stand in the ring opposite from each other.

Blake Church: We’ve reached out to Ataxia for a few questions and sent Charles here right into… into what exactly?
Charles State: Well, it is what he calls his “lair”, nobody really knows where it is, though, since I was blindfolded, but it is one whacked out space, I can tell you!

Blake Church: Then let’s have a look here.

Charles State: You have claimed several times that CWF is yours, your home and that you would do anything to protect it, where does this deep feeling of belonging come from?
Ataxia: You ask the important journalistic questions frand...that's what I like about you. You want to know where this comes from. Imagine living in a world where nothing likes you. Every day is pain. Every day is hell. Every day is Yanni on repeat...then people actually start appreciating you. These fans here didn't have to care, but they did. And the moment they was over. And then when it came back...when CWF came back that first time for me. I had to save it so I did something for this place that I didn't want to do. I became its villain. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

Charles State: So what does CWF mean to you?

Ataxia: CWF means my life because they gave me my will probably be my death...and that's okay. This is my home, my heaven, and my hell...

Charles State: You had always been a loner in the past, but then things changed when you were seemingly randomly placed into the Forsaken with The Shadow and the long-gone Mannequin. How did this happen from your end and how do you see this group personally?

Ataxia: Shadow asked. It was very strange. He was looking for someone to help him, and if you know Shad...He doesn't like asking. It makes him uncomfortable. He wanted allies in his cause. His cause and mine line up. And part of me looked at him and realized he needed what I needed one time...frands. The fans were my frands for the longest time, but I needed to become a better person to become a better competitor. So I did what I don't like to do...I trusted someone. I let them in. And in turn he let me in. To his home. To his life. To his friendship. I don't know if I am good for him, but I know he's been good to me and that is worth more than any title to me.

Charles State: And the question everybody is wondering about: How does your relationship with Mia Rayne change your approach to CWF and wrestling in general?

Ataxia: Awww my sweet baboo! My approach to CWF hasn't really changed because of my beloved. It's a lot more brighter and happier than it used to be. You can ask everyone who used to work here, I was not the best person to be around. Now. I found someone who understands me. Who gets me. And I am enjoying every minute of it. I think that's what the fans are really liking about us. They see their own hopes for finding someone, even if they feel like a freak. I think we bring the people hope, and we bring each other that hope, too. As far as my wrestling...well...I have held back a lot. Now...I may have to not. I don't want to go back to what I used to do, but it might have to happen. Thank you for coming today, frand...

Blake Church: Now that was actually very insightful...
Charles State: Yes, it definitely was an experience, but with all that said, Ataxia is a true gentleman to a guest, I can guarantee that.

Blake Church: Alright, I’ll take your word for it, what about our final match? A World Heavyweight title match!
Charles State: After their brutal match at Golden Intentions, which included Omega, Caledonia and Amber Ryan get their shot at each other, so officially this is the cash-in of the Unhinged briefcase for Amber.

Blake Church: Both ladies went through hell and back last week at Golden Intentions in their Malice in Wonderland match and what was supposed to be a title match turned into, well, a bloodbath. So now they are at it again and this time it IS for the title.
Charles State: So will Amber be able to get at Cali this time, especially after what both women went through in the ring just a week ago? Tune in to find out, because you never know, if there might not be someone else showing up on top of it!

Blake Church: Is that it?

Charles State: That’s it.

Blake Church: Good, I was getting kind of hungry.

Charles State: Good idea!

Blake Church (getting up from the desk): So, you know what to do, tune in on Tuesday evening for Evolution!

Charles State (following Blake’s lead): Last show before the big Evo 25 special extravaganza!

Blake Church (walking out and talking over his shoulder): We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, I am Blake Church and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.

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