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After Frozen Over VIII ended, some unfortunate events took place that left a superstar injured!


The scene opens up on the closing moments of Frozen Over VIII where Freddie still sits inside of the ring, holding onto the CWF World Championship. He finally gets to his feet and allows Trent Robbins to hold his arm triumphantly in the air as he holds the title up high as well. The Quebec City fans are showing him the proper respect.







Styles nods his head in approval, a dream finally realized. With blood still flowing from his body, he carefully exits the ring and makes his way towards the back as medics come rushing past him. They work frivolously trying to remove Silas from his contraption as the fans grow silent again. “Heartless” by The Weeknd cuts out as the crew analyzes the best route to go about removing Silas. Inside of the ring, Kyuseishu slowly begins to recover, shaking the birdies away from around his head. He looks towards the aisle, noticing the medical team trying to remove Silas but he also spots Styles going through the LED screen with the CWF World Championship over his shoulder. Fire emanates within his eyes as he gets back to his feet woozily. The medic squad finally has Artoria out of the barbed wire as deep lacerations and thumbtacks riddle his body, he’s loaded up onto a stretcher, the crew trying to make their way to the back. Hoyt is having none of it as the thought of being so close and yet failing ignites his rage. Climbing through the wire like it’s second nature, he jumps from the apron to the aisle, landing on the area that isn’t occupied by a sheet of ice. He bum rushes the entire team, crashing shoulder first into the stretcher, sending it tumbling over onto its left side. The medical crew went flying in every direction! Grabbing at the stretcher, Kyu brings it back up with Silas still attached. He gets a running start towards Artoria’s weapon of malice that’s still at ringside and sends the stretcher and Silas crashing into it! The stretcher stands straight up before tilting front first back into the tacks and wire!

The crowd begins to shower Kyuseishu with disapproval which he could give two fucks about. He looks around, plotting his next move before going back to the stretcher and pulling it the hard way, out of the Bed of Agony. It lands front-first on the concrete as an audible groan can be heard from the fans! Kyu kicks it over, revealing Silas’ face is entirely covered in blood. Kyu unstraps him from the gurney and Artoria’s body plops to the floor. Williams drags him by his hair, taking a moment to caress the dried up blood on the back of his head. Hoyt has Silas near the ring apron, bringing both him and Artoria onto it. He latches Silas in a standing headscissors before lifting him up, he talks shit to the booing fans as he finally hooks him Gotch style and proceeds to jump off the apron, down onto the iced covered floor! Deeds of the Saint has Silas out and unconscious as the Quebec City fans boo him furiously. Grabbing at his tailbone a  bit, Kyu gets back to his feet. He looks down at Silas one more time before leaving. The screen fades to black.



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