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Breaking news coming from the CWF Headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania. Members of High Octane Wrestling and officials from the HOTv broadcasting company were seen meeting with Jaiden Rishel and other Championship Wrestling Federation officials earlier today. The news coming out of this meeting is absolutely monumental...

Apparently CWF signed a big, and I mean BIG contract with High Octane and will begin broadcasting all bi-weekly Evolution shows as well as pay per views live on HOTv as early as the Genesis pay per view this Tuesday.

That's right, Genesis, December 3rd live on HOTv. 

We were not able to tie down any of the CWF or HOTv staff members for questioning following the meeting, but we were able to get this from the man himself, Jaiden Rishel, on his way out of the office. 

"This is absolutely huuugggee for not just CWF, not just HOTv, but for the entire wrestling business as a whole. CWF and HOW working under the same roof for the first time in history? This can only mean big things for everybody. One thing is for sure, Genesis will be broadcasted to an bigger audience than ever before. So make sure you all order the show this Tuesday night at 8pm eastern!"

You heard it from the horse's mouth himself.

CWF Genesis.

December 3rd live on HOTv.



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