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We're live from the parking lot outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it's time for the Genesis Press Conference! 

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A loud blast of pyrotechnics start things off as the cameras cut to a wide shot of a taped off area outside the Wells Fargo Center, more specifically the parking lot area. A roofed stage stands tall in front of a crowd of at least five hundred of CWF superfans, all of them who scream their hearts out as they look upon the podium, waiting for their favorite superstar to make their presence felt. 

Unfortunately for them, they get Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash.

CWF’s prestigious broadcast team make their way out from behind the stage, Gunt wearing a dapper dark grey suit and black slacks, while Mike Rolash chooses to dress much more casual; a pair of denim jeans and a “Social Justice Samurai” t-shirt on. The two wave to the fans despite Philadelphia not giving them much love back. Jim steps up to the podium first while Mike takes off his sunglasses that he was wearing despite it being eight o’clock at night. 

Jim Gunt: Ladies and gentlemen, we are only seven nights away from what many call the biggest pay per view in Championship Wrestling Federation history. Folks we’re right here at the scene of next Tuesday’s big event….GENESIS! We will see Johnny Graves not only defend his Impact Championship against Jeff Jackson, but the two men will also both contend later on for the Tag Team Titles in a Fatal Fourway Match! 

Mike Rolash: And you can’t forget about the Falls Count Anywhere match, Jimbo! The masked freak Ataxia is going to get what’s coming to him after the weeks of tormenting our boss!

Jim Gunt: You can only hope. We have a lot more on the docket next week at Genesis, including a Bronze Medal match pitting two of the top stars from the Alpha Block, Zolton and Amy Jo Smyth. 

Mike Rolash: Speaking of top stars, how about my man Kyuseishu! He takes on those two dopes who couldn’t even beat each other in an entire thirty minute long match to open up the Alpha Block, Duce Jones and Danny B both in a triple threat match for the Paramount Title!

Jim Gunt: That will certainly be an interesting match, but the one I think we’re all looking forward to more than anything. The match that the entire Alpha and Omega Tournament was created to find. Over three long months of the best action in all of pro wrestling...leads to THIS moment! Freddie Styles. Silas Artoria. The Alpha, and the Omega. And we will hear from both men later tonight!

Mike Rolash: Oh god, I bet you neither of them will ever shut up. I will though, because I’m freaking hungry and I heard Pat’s Cheesesteaks did the catering! See ya, Jim!

Jim and Mike make their way quickly off the stage. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves as “The Australian Submission Machine” Nathan Paradine approaches the podium dressed in an expertly tailored suit and his trademark sunglasses, however not even the sunglasses can disguise the purple bruising around his left eye. He takes his place behind the microphone and clears his throat as he surveys the audience before him.

Nathan Paradine: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just come from the ringside area of this arena where I have witnessed a battleground being built with my very own eyes. The Lion’s Den has almost completed construction and in just a few days at Genesis the entire world will witness me battle Thaddeus Duke man-to-man, where the only way to win is via knockout or submission. For lesser men this challenge would be daunting but for someone like me, I relish any opportunity I get to make someone tap out and I intend to make the most of it. I will hear the words “I respect you” uttered from Thaddeus Duke’s mouth. Yes?

Paradine points at a pimpled young man near the front of the crowd dressed in a dark gray hoodie and glasses who is waiting patiently to ask him a question.

Fan: As you just said yourself, there are effectively only two ways to win this Lion’s Den match and you have stated that there must be a winner. Given the stripped down nature of this match and the fact that only yourself and Thaddeus Duke will be inside the cage, who will handle the refereeing duties?

Nathan Paradine: Two CWF referees will be assigned to monitor the match from the outside of the Lion’s Den. In addition to this, a panel of specially selected judges will observe the bout and decide a winner in the event that neither Thaddeus or myself are capable of finishing the match. 

The fan sits down and Paradine points towards a fortyish-year-old woman in a neat blazer and skirt a little further back into the crowd.

Nathan Paradine: Yes, love?

Woman: You seem to have a habit of picking fights with various members of the CWF roster; Lindsay Troy and Tom Marrow spring to mind. What is it that compels you to do this? Is it a desire to keep yourself in the limelight? Or perhaps something subconscious?

Nathan Paradine: Tell me doc, do you charge by the hour?

There’s a smattering of laughter from the crowd, and the woman has the good grace to appear somewhat abashed. Paradine grins and scratches at his chin as he ponders the questions.

Nathan Paradine: There’s only one thing that compels me and that is a desire to compete at the very top of my game. That’s why I’m here, amongst some of the finest competitors in the wrestling world. There’s nothing ‘subconscious’ about wanting to be recognised for what I am; amongst the rest, I’m one of the best. I deserve respect and if I deem it necessary I will beat that acknowledgement in my opponents. I did it to Troy, I did it to Marrow and I’ll do the same damn thing to Duke.

Paradine waves his hand as more people prepare to ask questions.

Nathan Paradine: There’s only one question you all need to be asking yourselves; just how far will Nathan Paradine go to get what he deserves? You’ll get your answer at Genesis. I am the Australian Submission Machine and when you go up against me you tap… or you goddamn snap.

Zooming back in to the Genesis stage, our own Blake Church and Charles State stand with their suit and ties looking as good as ever. The two men who have “run down the competition” throughout the entire Alpha and Omega Tournament now simply stand on stage, together getting close to the microphone.

Church & State: Welcome to the Genesis Press Conference, everybody!

The Philadelphia fans give the team a nice round of applause, State even has a woman from far into the crowd throw him a light blue bra. His face instantaneously reddens, the embarrassment showing even as he flings it off his shoulder. 

Blake Church: While my broadcast partner removes his first piece of women’s clothing he has all year, let’s get to business here. We have invited all three men who will battle it out for the Paramount Championship at Genesis, as well as the two who have made it through the entire Alpha and Omega tournament as “champions” in their own right, Freddie Styles and Silas Artoria!

Charles State: But for now, let’s get one of our true Hall of Famers out right...the Ripper, Danny B!

Looking smooth as ever, Danny comes out with a tux and sunglasses covering his smiling face. The Ripper stands off to the side, looking out at the hundreds of Philadelphia fans who have braved the cold weather to be a part of the Press Conference. Turning back to Church and State, Ripper motions for them to continue on.

Blake Church: Danny, thank you for being with us here tonight. Now that the Alpha and Omega tournament is over with, what thoughts do you have in retrospect of the tournament? Is there anything you could or would have done differently? 

Danny B: Isn’t that the question? Think about it for a minute you simple buffoon. If I had run the perfect game then I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about the Paramount Championship today would I? No, I’d be reminding you that I was about to become a three-time world champion. 

What would I have done different? I do wish I hadn’t spent so much of the tournament trying to ‘find myself.’ I wish I would have paid attention the entire time to the fact that I am and I will always be Danny B, and trying to be anything different is what costs you wins. 

Ducey J, I wouldn’t have played with my food on that one, Paradine, I might have shown up sober, Zolton, I would have done my research. I wasn’t myself on any of those nights, and it showed, because they aren’t on my level. That’s my cross, my burden. 

Realistically though, I wouldn’t change anything, because it all happens for a reason doesn’t it? The fact that I will become Paramount champion for the first time in my career, in fact, it will be the first time I have ever won a secondary title in ten years, usually go straight for the world, so this is a fun little diversion. 

The Ripper laughs an almost sarcastic chuckle as he rubs his hands together. The Philly fans don’t know quite how to take the legend, staying mostly quiet to let him speak.

Charles State: With your title match at Genesis already locked up, what do you think your chances are of walking out of CWF’s first PPV of the new era as champion?

Ripper is taken aback by this.

Danny B: Serious question? Yeah? Right, OK then. Question you should be asking is what are the chances that anyone else will win? In fact, let’s turn this question into something worth talking about. What are the chances that Danny B will steal the show and have the match of the night?

Nah, fair point, that’s another one hundred percent chance right there isn’t it? Danny B is the man who walked in there and took down the unstoppable Freddie Styles, and the guy that decimated, and I mean decimated the woman who handed Zolton is first loss. By default I am the man to beat, the one to watch, the King of this Ring. If I can’t beat these two hyped up jackasses, then I don’t deserve to call myself a wrestler, I will join their ranks as a painted up fucking clown. Simple as that. 

Blake Church: Who, other than yourself, would you say was the MVP of the whole Alpha & Omega Tournament? 

Danny B: Wow, that journalist’s degree working out for you there. My agent. That’s who. No other fucker in this thing has commanded the attention in that ring than me. No one. Yeah, Ducey turned heads as normal, mainly so we could use the good ear to try and understand him, but he couldn’t get me, he was saved by the Rishel kid holding a grudge. He was mine. 

Then there’s Freddie, he was looking stellar, until I reminded him that he should always watch his back in this world, because you are only as good as your last match. I killed his mystique, and that’s something you don’t get back. 

Maybe Zolton, but again, he fell to someone that couldn’t lick my boots. 

And, to be honest, I wasn’t watching the Beta Block. The whole world knows the way of things. It doesn’t matter if I am sitting on the golden throne of CWF, because I am in the background with the Iron fist. 

Danny has clearly had enough of the questioning, but before he can walk off the stage Charles State asks him one last question.

Charles State: Any last thoughts you want to give to the fans listening at home before the Pay Per View?

Danny B: Watch. Watch closely. There is going to be a masterclass performed by yours truly. Watch as I show the entire world what a real champion looks like. Watch to see what happens when the Yankee Doodles clash with the son of the far east. Watch as they burn each other down, allowing the Brit to do what he does best, stand tall and untouchable. 

Once I have mopped the floor with those two fools, you get to see who becomes the paper champion, the first in line in my quest back to the top. I’ll be carrying that white belt into a world title match soon enough. One of them will once and for all win this war, but there’s always a maverick somewhere nearby ready to start another one. 

This show is my Genesis. Quote the Ripper, your time has come. 

A pyro display follows “The Ripper” Danny B off the stage; purples, yellows and white fireworks shimmering through the beautiful night sky. 

Commercial break showing a video package of the career of Johnny Graves, showcasing his many wins throughout his first small but dominant run in CWF and then his return to the company where he once again became Impact Champion his first night back in the company. His battles with Jeff Jackson and Scourge are highlighted, the Sin City Saint backed up by Maggie Lockheart as they fend them off. 

At Genesis, Graves will not only take on Jackson but him and Lockheart will take them on in tag competition when they face off against each other and the el33t Team and the Tag champs Most Known Unknowns in Fatal Fourway Tag Team action.

Graves stands on one side, Jackson on the other, which championships if any will these men walk out with? Tune in to Genesis live on PPV to find out!

Cutting back to Church and State following the commercial break, the two are ready to continue on.

Charles State: Well that was nice.

Blake Church: What part of it?

Charles State: The part where we got to interview a living legend of the sport? Anyway we have a special guest up next, one that even brought his own reporters to do the questioning...ladies and gentlemen….KYUSEISHU!

The Social Justice Samurai walks up to the microphone wearing a black Nike tracksuit and tinted green Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses covering his gorgeous blue eyes.  He taps hard on the microphone to make sure it’s on, sending an annoying thumping sound out of the speakers.  He smiles a Christ like grin. 

Hoyt Williams: Your Kyuseishu is here.  What knowledge do you seek my fake news sinners. 
The wrestling media snaps a few photos before a man with a mic asks a question.

Hayes Keller: Now that the Alpha and Omega Tournament is over with, what thoughts do you have in retrospect of the tournament? Is there anything you could or would have done differently?

Hoyt Williams: What a horrible question.  Beat my favorite disciple week one in Silas Artoria would top that list, but the confidence I installed in that kid is a miracle. Miracles should be celebrated not frowned upon.   If he was a man, he would have asked for me added to the world title match.  Religious persecution in 2019 is at an all-time high, putting me in a 3 way match with the developmental block losers.  It’s a shame the world seems to be against me as we all know I’m the one selling tickets to this damn show.  I am the Genesis of the new era of the CWF.   Gone are the forgotten sinners of the past, now before you is the promising prophet of the present. “I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.” Hosea 13:14

Hoyt holds his hands to the heavens.

Big Baby Bill Mitchel: With your title match at Genesis already locked up, what do you think your chances are of walking out of CWF's first PPV of the new era as champion?

Hoyt Williams: What failed school did you attend?  This is like asking Jesus, did he enjoy the crucifixion.  My chances are 100%.  I’m fighting a dope who can’t talk and a she-man with hair better than Hollywood.  Two sinners consumed with themselves.  I’m consumed with grabbing my title and making it the most important piece of metal in all of wrestling.  Simple as that.  “They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hidden in the sand.” Deuteronomy 33:19

David Mitzler: Who, other than yourself, would you say was the MVP of the whole Alpha & Omega Tournament?

Hoyt Williams: Well it is me, so that’s a tough one.  I would have to say the fans who got to witness my greatness. “Now therefore come thou, let us make a covenant, I and thou; and let it be for a witness between me and thee.” Genesis 31:44

Brian Albatross: Any last thoughts you want to give to the fans listening at home before the pay per view

Hoyt takes off his shades and looks dead into the camera. 

Hoyt Williams: “But the LORD thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction, until they be destroyed.” Deuteronomy 7:23 PRAISE BE TO HOYT!  

Hoyt exits. No fireworks, steam, pyros, nothing. Clearly this seems to bother Hoyt, who looks around with his hands in the air as he walks off camera.

Commercial break showing split photos of Forsaken members, each in black and white, every one showing only one member. The photos seem to be taken in the backstage area, some even at their homes. Shot after shot after shot, finally the footage ends with a black and white photo of Jaiden Rishel in an empty room, holding an Ataxia mask that he looks down upon in horror. Quickly the commercial is taken off the air, never getting through the entirety of it as we cut back to the Press Conference.

“Godspeed” plays over the speaker as Jones gets up from his seat and walks towards the podium. His eyes are extremely low with a hint of red in pupils. To anyone who knows Duce, you can pretty much figure out what type of state that he’s in at the moment. Now at the podium, he looks to his left where Church and State are waiting to get their questioning underway.

Charles State: Now that the Alpha and Omega Tournament is over with, what thoughts do you have in retrospect of the tournament? Is there anything you could or would have done differently? 

Duce sits there, pondering the question for a moment before leaning up to the microphone.

Duce Jones: As a whole, dis tournament brought out tha very best in some’a tha guys dat I’ve shared tha locka room wit.. I mean look at our main event.. It’s fuckin’ Silas an’ Freddie goin’ one-on-one fo’ dat CWF World Heavyweight Championship…

Pausing for a brief second, Duce looks over at both gentlemen standing just off stage in different areas, before continuing on.

Duce Jones: Comin’ in, I’m pretty sho dat nobody saw dat outcome.. But I did.. These two men have been bustin’ their asses inside’a dat rang since tha first time I heard their names. An’ from one competitor ta anotha’.. I give em mad respect.. An’ as far as what I would've done differently.. Well dat’ll be shit cuh you can neva’ move forward if ya always dwellin’ on tha past. Thangs went tha way they was ‘sposed ta go so I can’t complain about dat.

Blake Church: With your title match at Genesis already locked up, what do you think your chances are of walking out of CWF's first PPV of the new era as champion?

Duce looks at the reporter/commentator for a minute, a halved-assed smirk on his face.

Duce Jones: My chances?

He contemplates both his opponents for Genesis and chuckles to himself.

Duce Jones: You can’t be serious..

Duce scoffs.

Duce Jones: How ya want me ta answa’ dat? I mean, what? I’m ‘sposed ta sit here an’ be like…

He begins to speak in a mocking tone.

Duce Jones: Well.. it is going to be a hard fought battle..

Switches back to normal tone.

Duce Jones: Hell naw.. Fuck all dat! Y’all kno’ what I’m capable of.. they kno’ what I’m capable of.. So ta answa ya question, in my mind.. I gotta hunnit percent chance of walkin’ out wit dat Paramount strap!

Charles State: Who, other than yourself, would you say was the MVP of the whole Alpha & Omega Tournament? 

Duce scoffs once again.

Duce Jones: Who t’f--... check dis shit out. You see yo main event?

Duce pauses.

Duce Jones: Aight then...

Blake Church: Any last thoughts you want to give to the fans listening at home before the pay per view?

Duce begins to think again and it’s almost as if you can see him conversing with himself.

Duce Jones: At Genesis.. I’m gonna make Tha Rippa an’ tha Anti-Christ experience a Revelation like none otha.. An’ just like y’all folks at home already kno’ when it comes ta Duce, neitha one’a these muh’fuckas got tha juice like me. So grab ya a six-pack of ya favorite beverage an’ chill wit tha CDubyaF fo’ a minute an’ watch me an’ my homie, Freddie put in dis work.

With that, smoke begins to roll onto the stage as Duce steps away from the podium and off stage.

Commercial break for Duce Jones Blunts. Duce Jones Blunts? Hell yeah, light one up...

Blake Church: Well ladies and gentlemen, let’s get right along with the night then...

"Wait.  Hold the phone lines from the forties."

A deep booming voice enters the speakers interrupting Church.  Silence then falls as the stars on the stage look around and each other in confusion.  The fans and news personnel look around in confusion as well.

Blake Church: Excuse me? What is going on here...

"I said to hold the lines.  Similar to the developmental talent extraordinaire Kyuseishu."

The booming deep voice says.  Right after one of the fans point up and yells.  The cameras point and focus on a figure perched on a crane boom above the stage.  The cameras focus and reveal the identity of the figure to be nome other than the Man of Chaos, Zolton.  His hair resting on his shoulders.  His piercing blue eyes scanning the crowd and the Championship Wrestling Federation stars on the stage.

Zolton: It seems as though Jaiden misplaced my invite to this little shindig.  How could you forget about the brightest?  Most prominent?  Most sensational?  Breakout star of your company?  Considering I've defeated two of the three up there that are in the Paramount Championship match.  No need to worry though.  You're just like the peons standing out in front of you.  I'm here to make this worthwhile for the Genesis pay per view though.

At that moment, the figure almost glitches and becomes pixelated like a Nintendo game in the eighties.  Zolton is then seen stepping up the steps onto the stage.  His eyes glaring at each one of the stars on stage.

Zolton: I'm here to make it known.  All around the planet.  Not only am I going to step into the ring against Amy at Genesis, avenging that loss.  I'm sticking with Championship Wrestling Federation.  This place needs the likes of me.  Youth.  Power.  Intelligence.  Oh and actual ability.  None of this old.  Saggy.  Lack of wherewithal to end their career when they're up.

He points to the stars. The camera briefly shows Amy Jo Smyth, Zolton's Genesis opponent, in the crowd yawning. She takes a handful of popcorn out of a bag, popping some in her mouth and flicking off Zolton. Cutting back to the Man of Chaos, he no sells even seeing Amy in the crowd, continuing on.

Zolton: The future is me.  The past needs to die.  Genesis is rightfully named.  The Man of Chaos is the genesis of C W F.

He then walks down the other side of the stage and disappears as quickly as he appeared.

Commercial break for HOTv. Why are we seeing a commercial for HOTv on a CWF broadcast? Wouldn’t you like to know?

When we return to the Genesis Press Conference, Alpha Block winner and CWF Hall of Famer Freddie Styles is already gracing Church and State with his presence. The Alpha & Omega Era megastar stares into the crowd as they scream loud “LET’S GO STYLES!” chants throughout the parking lot area of the Wells Fargo Center. Finally after nearly a minute and a half of chanting, Freddie waves his hands up and down, calming the crowd and letting the reporters do their job.

Charles State: Wow, that is some ovation Freddie. Now that the Alpha and Omega Tournament is over with, what thoughts do you have in retrospect of the tournament? Is there anything you could or would have done differently? 

Freddie Styles: I won this damn thing, so no, outside of not losing to Danny, nah, I accomplished everything I wanted in this tourney so far. I’m here, in the main event.

Church nods at Styles, moving in to ask him a question next.

Blake Church: With your title match at Genesis already locked up, what do you think your chances are of walking out of CWF's first PPV of the new era as champion?

Freddie Styles: My chances are as great as I make them. Silas is as deserving to be here...but he hasn’t walked the miles that I have. 

Charles State: Who, other than yourself, would you say was the MVP of the whole Alpha & Omega Tournament? 

Freddie Styles: If not me, then who? Hmmm....Zolton maybe. He showed up quite well for a CWF newcomer, but a grizzled vet all the same.

Styles pounds his chest and makes a fist out to the crowd, a respectful showing out to former opponent Zolton.

Blake Church: Any last thoughts you want to give to the fans listening at home before the pay per view?

Freddie Styles: Nobody thought I’d be here by me. None of y’all think I can beat Silas but me. And when Genesis is over, y’all gonna see me draped in gold.  King of the Alpha to the CWF World champion.

Styles raises his right arm in the air, eliciting another huge crowd from the crowd before walking off stage through several sparkling style pyros. Mr. Ballgame slaps hands with several members of Philadelphia’s own before making his way behind the stage. 

Commercial break showcasing the entire Alpha and Omega tournament. The ups and downs, highlights and lowlights (ha, if there were any!), some of the biggest upsets in CWF history taking place within the tournament. Duce Jones and Danny B battling it out to a thirty minute tie. Amy Jo Smyth defeating Zolton in action, while Zolton defeated both Danny B and Duce Jones. Freddie Styles and Silas Artoria’s dominance over their respective fields, leading each man to the very end. Kyuseishu standing in their way all along, only failing due to a tie breaker. 

The very best pro wrestlers on the planet fight here in Championship Wrestling Federation.

And they’ll do it again December 3rd at Genesis, live on PPV. Make sure you save up the $29.99 to order it!

Cutting back to the stage area, Charles State and Blake Church have found themselves some custom Genesis lawn chairs. The two of them sit next to the final man to be questioned, Silas Artoria himself. The crowd give Silas a brief cheer, which brings a smile to his face but he quickly waves his hands to quiet them so State can speak.

Charles State: Silas, thank you for taking the time with us this evening. Now that the Alpha and Omega Tournament is overwith, what thoughts do you have in retrospect of the tournament? Is there anything you could or would have done differently?

Silas shuffles in his seat, clearly thinking.

Silas Artoria: I’ve done a tournament like this before, and I know that it’s gruelling, but the stark contrast between the two in terms of my performance is night and day. Nine losses and one win in the first, and it’s vice versa for Alpha and Omega. You might not be able to notice it, but I was...apprehensive about the tournament. I had a near overwhelming sense of self doubt and…

He lingers on for a few seconds.

Silas Artoria: ...fear, we’ll say. And the second I allowed those elements to get the better of me was when I staring at the lights.

He looks out at the crowd, several wrestlers beginning to line up on the side.

Silas Artoria: Hopefully my collegues will agree with me when I say that the moment you start to fear, is the moment your grasp in the sport is greatly weakened.

He takes a sip of the water on the table.

Silas Artoria: If only I had that mindset when it came to JC--can I get some orange juice, please?

A few seconds later, somebody runs up to him with a glass of orange in hand. He politely smiles and nods to the female, before sipping the drink.

Blake Church: With your title match at Genesis already locked up, what do you think your chances are of walking out of CWF's first PPV of the new era as champion?

Silas looks on ahead, as if observing the others in the room, athletes included.

Silas Artoria: Well, if I’m keeping personal ego in check I’d say there’s a 50% chance I walk out.

He then looks at his interviewers.

Silas Artoria: But then I remember that I have a little, not so secret trump card. Everyone knows it’s there, but I think only three people have ever had the displeasure of coming into direct contact with it.


Silas Artoria: Do you know what it’s like, being hit by a beast with zero concept of fear or self preservation?

A smirk escapes him. The crowd cheers wildly.

Silas Artoria: Maybe Styles will find out. He’ll need a dentist on hand if that’s the case.

He sips his orange juice again as several "OOOHH"s can be heard through the Philly crowd.

Charles State: Who, other than yourself, would you say was the MVP of the whole Alpha & Omega Tournament?

An amused snort escapes Silas.

Silas Artoria: Other than me? How can I judge when I’ve neither faced anyone from alpha block and the only person who pinned me completely bottled it to someone who finished seventh!


Silas Artoria: Like, I look at the table and there’s so many holes in it that you could call it cheese! The only people who impressed me throughout were Zolton and PJ Blake, and that was because they were outsiders coming into something gruelling, and PJ put up more of a fight than I originally prepared myself for. She has some serious fire in her, so if you want something close to an answer, that’d be it!

Blake Church: Any last thoughts you want to give to the fans listening at home before the pay per view?

Silas pauses, before finishing the last of the orange juice. An even longer pause, before a dark chuckle escaped him.

Silas Artoria: Destiny has lead to this moment…

He looks towards the camera as the crowd remains in the palm of his hands.

Silas Artoria: ...and you’re going to witness what a true start of a new era looks like…


Silas Artoria: ...and it might not be pleasant viewing.

Silas finger guns the camera before making his leave. The Philadelphia fans give one last round of applause, whistling and clapping as white fireworks shoot at all ends of the stage as State and Church wave us off for the night, yelling through the pyros that they will see us all next week at Genesis.



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