Posted by J. Rish

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we're sitting at a beach in freaking Paradise! Live from Cancun, Mexico, CWF presents to you the Paradise PPV! Headlined by a Tag Team Match pitting two main events from the Wrestle Fest V pay per view one month ahead of time, Mia Rayne and Duce Jones team up to go up against Inner Circle's World and Paramount Champions Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy. Along with that we have a Hell in a Cell Match for the Impact Title pitting Autumn Raven against Brandon Youngblood, a Buried at Sea Match that could very well be the last time we see either Ataxia or The Shadow, and much more!

The card for Evolution 58 is up as well, with roleplaying running from tonight until Saturday, July 20th at 11:59pm EST. Make sure you get them up!



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