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Major happenings at the CWF headquarters earlier today, to check out what happened read the whole story below!

As the scene comes into full view, CWF's head backstage correspondent Tara Robinson stands with a microphone in hand, looking more nervous than ever before as she stands just several feet ahead of the CWF Headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania. Tara gets word from the cameraman, nodding back at him as she begins.

Tara Robinson: Thank you for joining me ladies and gentlemen, as you can see I'm standing outside the massive building that is the CWF headquarters in "Happy Valley" State College, Pennsylvania. Rumors have been running rampant all day long on the "funny" sites, twitter, facebook, pretty much any social media website out there, but I am here to bring you the truth of the matter. 

Tara looks nervously back at the headquarters.

Tara Robinson: At eleven o' clock this morning, a meeting was set for the writers, agents and all the backstage staff to have a meeting to come up with ideas for the Wrestle Fest V season. During this meeting, to make a long story short, there was a scuffle between one of the writers and CEO Jon Stewart. At first, it was just a simple arguement brought by an idea from the writer that was disregarded and he would not take no for an answer. Eventually, the argument turned into a physical fight and had to be broken up by security. 

Tara is visibly shaken up, placing a hand up to a piece in her ear before speaking again.

Tara Robinson: After both the unnamed- because of his own demand- writer and Stewart's brawl was broken up, the writer immediately threatened to go to his lawyer and press charges on both Jon Stewart and CWF. The thought of a massive legal battle being on the line, as well as all the other rash decisions Stewart has made as of late; the shareholders of the company had to make a decision and make a decision quick. The decision made was that Jon Stewart would be immediately relieved of his CEO role and all staff responsibilities in Championship Wrestling Federation. 

Tara pauses to take a swig of water from her bottle before continuing.

Tara Robinson: Please join us Tuesday, June 25th at 8pm for Evolution 55 where we are promised that a BRAND NEW CEO will be named! To see who will be the new boss, as well as three dream pay per view main event worthy matches, you have to be there with us next Tuesday! This is Tara Robinson from the CWF headquarters in State College signing off, goodnight guys.



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