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Exclusive Footage of the conclusion of Twilight of the Gods has finally been released.



We fade into the Toyota Center, moments after the conclusion of the World Championship match. Usually after the shows have ended, the cameras keep rolling just in case… Just in case they catch something.. exclusive..

And exclusive is just what we got. The now 2x CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Ryan and the Queen of the Ring, Lindsay Troy have made their way to the back but former champ, Duce Jones.. he sits in a corner, head hung low. His body heaves up and down from the exhaustion that course through his body. A disheveled Byson Kaliban slowly rolls under the bottom rope and gets to his feet. He moves towards Duce, looking to console him.

Jim Gunt: Tough loss for the young former champion but he definitely doesn't have nothing to be ashamed of.

Mike Rolash: Tough loss? He ran his mouth and got his ass beat. Simple as that..

Suddenly, Duce springs to life, shoving Byson out of the way and exiting the ring. He makes a beeline towards the announcers.

Mike Rolash: What is he doing?

Jim Gunt: Looks like he's co..

Before Jim can even finish, Duce comes flying past him and kicks Mike Rolash in the chest! The crowd responds in awe while Mike sails out of his chair and crashes onto the floor. Gunt quickly bails out of the area, escaping harm, Duce stands over Rolash who tries his best to back crawl away but only hits the barricade.

Byson rushes over to try and calm down his brother but that only proves to be a bad idea. As soon as Byson places his hand on Duce's shoulder, he turns and shoves Kaliban, causing him to trip over Jim's unoccupied chair and hitting the floor. He turns his attention back to Rolash.

Duce Jones: Dis gon be, tha last time ya run ya muthafuckin’ mouth bout me!

Mike Rolash: Hey man, I'm just doing my job.. calm down…

Duce Jones: Calm down..? I am calm..

Grabbing ahold of Rolash's suit jacket, Duce brings him up to eye level. Rolash continues to plead his case but Duce is having none of it. Summoning strength from the unknown, Jones takes a few steps for leverage as he biel throws Mike bodily into the side of the ring apron. Mike crashes and lands horribly on the floor, boos beginning to ring out through the Toyota Center. Duce ignores the abuse from the Houston fans who were just supporting him. Walking over to Mike in a fit of rage, Duce sends a stiff kick to his gut. Rolash begins to violently cough, Duce kneels beside him.

Duce Jones: Bet ya won't talk shit now.

Sending another kick his way, Duce spits on his downed body. He looks out towards the fans, who are in unison with the disagreement of how he's handing things. However he doesn't care, he superkicks the nearest camera man as members of the security team come flooding from the back led by “Fridge” Flint. Commissioner Jon Stewart has also made his way from behind the curtain watching everything unfold.

Duce slides inside of the ring, Byson joining him. The two brothers look to each other as security surround the ring. Byson shoves Duce in a playful manner as retaliation for earlier. The brothers smile and commence to brawling with them as they try to subdue the fraternal twins. Byson is overcomed quickly but Duce gives the fight of his life until he's tackled by Fridge! There's almost a riot like atmosphere inside of the Toyota Center. A medical staff come rushing past Stewart, looking to check on Rolash.

Meanwhile, the security team have finally gotten both brothers under control and leading them up the aisle. Jon can only shake his head as he watches the two get escorted to the back. As they get near, Duce shoots saliva onto the commissioner. A look of pure rage begins to overcome him and Stewart becomes irate.

Jon Stewart: Get them the fuck out outta here!

Duce begins to laugh and resist, security leading him and his brother out of the arena as the scene fades out.



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