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Mia Rayne makes her intentions clear and where her eyes are cast. 

And it isn't what you may think....

We go live to an undisclosed location after the events of Evolution. We see Mia Rayne stalking in the shadows...

"One, two Mia is coming for you. .


Cassandra, most false of all the prophetesses. You have made a tragic mistake, almost as tragic as the ideals that you claim to uphold."


She coughs and stumbles into the light, still dressed to compete and showing the signs of a hard fought battle. 


" Three, four do you know what you're in for?

The thing about me that you don't seem to get, that no one seems to understand, are the steps I'm willing to take to defend the things closest to me. 

Five, six you aren't so slick. 

I am the spider, you just bug me and I want nothing more than to squish you. You've already fallen right into my web, and my what a tangled one we weave. 

Seven, eight do you think that you're great?

I'm even willing to... No, I AM dropping out of the Golden Intentions battle rumbly royal thing. 

Nine, ten better think again.

Squishing you and the package of Oreos you come from will be my pleasure, and congratulations, you've become my new number one priority. 

Semi colon. 

Right parenthesis."

There you have it! Mia Rayne has dropped out of the Golden Intentions Rumble!!



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