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Do not adjust your folks, sets! We have an exclusive report coming from... Well, why don't you click on the headline and find out for your little lonesome?

Afternoon friends and germs. It is I, or we, the one and only Mia Rayne, reporting LIVE from... Well, wouldn't you like to know? Now, a couple things to update you on before Vertigo and as my headline implies, it contains some spoilers that I've been tasked to leak by Mr. Stewart due to recent events. The first piece of news we're allowed to share? We shall be making our return to the halls of Evolution and the CWF as Mia Rayne from Vertigo on as... Our third commentator at all events! How cool right?

Turns out, Mr. Stewart has a mild distaste for C$J and his antics. Since Loki was the one that got fired Mr. Stewart saw no reason to hire me back as a commentator. Maybe down the road I'll be allowed in the ring, but we aren't one to kick a gift horse in the mouth. Or something like that...

Piece of news numero dos!

Mr. Stewart is pleased to announce the official closure of Hostility. Hostility: ReAwakened will not air and as of this moment, all talent under a Hostility contracts will now be under CWF and Evolution contracts. C$J you ask? Well, that's a spoiler even Mr. S won't even let me give out. But Mia knows and we assure you. The result will put a smile on everyone's faces.

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