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As cameras were cut as Evolution went off the air, CWF's Tara Robinson was able to catch C$J on his way out for the evening for an exclusive interview!

Tara Robinson: Ladies and gentlemen, not sure if we're still on air or not, but I am standing here with Christopher St. James, the owner of the CWF, who has requested time on his way out this evening to address some of the events that happened on tonight's episode!

The camera pans out to show C$J getting things sorted in his office, bundling up some papers and setting them in his briefcase, locking it, and now appears to make himself a drink before leaning up against his desk. He takes a sip and smiles.

C$J: Tara, thank you for the time and I assure you, this segment WILL be on air. I requested this time tonight to address the recent actions of one Stan Summers, "The Wrestling Inspector." He seems to think that this show, Evolution, MY federation, CWF, are a lost cause. I am here to tell him that he has something else entirely to consider. Not once did he come to me to ask about any kind of inspections. Not once did he try to tell me what his little game is with his stupid little clipboard and phony claims of being some bigwig inspector. I do not tolerate insolence and I especially do not allow for people to drag my name, my properties through the mud. However, over the years, I've learned to quell my anger with not so barbaric tendencies exhibited by one Quentin Scarboro when Mr. Summers cost him his match last week. Mr. Summers, you have no authority here, you are not a referee, and you do not own this company, or this show. Therefore, I will give Q his rematch against Scott Dann at his leisure. Signed, sealed, delivered. Mr. Summers, in terms of you; I will give you an opportunity to sit down with me, in the middle of MY ring, next week before Vertigo. We can discuss the finer points of your contract, and we can discuss the future rematch between your "enforcer" and Quentin. If you do not like my terms, well, I apologize but what choice do you really have in the matter... "Inspector."

The last word drips with sarcasm and Tara is quick to pick up on it. However, as she opens her mouth to speak, C$J continues.

C$J: I see you have a question Tara, and I know I promised an interview, which implies me giving you time to do something except sit there and look pretty, a job that you do quite well. Being the busy man that I am though, I am already running late for my next engagement, a Hostility affair that I'm sure the A-Listers, people like Mr. Rolash and Mr. Gunt are far too busy to comprehend. Amazing how I allow them to keep their jobs, allow them time every week to continue their pointless squabbles with no interference from me. I save this place from extinction, and this is the thanks that I get. Anyways, Tara as always it's been an absolute delight to break the news to you first and foremost. Continue being the only shining light that Evolution holds in this bleak and dark world. I will see you all next week.

Finishing his drink with a couple more gulps, C$J sets the empty glass on the desk behind him and grabs his briefcase. He nods his head quickly to Tara and the cameraman behind her before he heads out in the hall and takes off, his personal security detail trailing behind him.



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