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A knee injury suffered at Evolution 45 has apparently sidelined "The American Thoroughbred" Quentin Scarboro, as his status appears in doubt for Evolution 46 and beyond.

"The American Thoroughbred" Quentin Scarboro, a relative newcomer to the CWF out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has not been medically cleared to compete by the Championship Wrestling Federation physicians and will be out of action for the 46th episode of Evolution, reports Tara Robinson, backstage colleague.

In a highly contested match against "The Enforcer" Scott Dann last week, Scarboro appeared to have sustained a lower leg injury, causing referee Denny Davidson to call the match in favor of his opponent, and to give Scarboro a chance to undergo a medical physical.

After Davidson's decision, Scarboro was irate, erupting to the point where the Thoroughbred had to be escorted from the building. There was some speculation that Scarboro may be suspended from competition due to his actions, but with the apparent injury seems to answer all those questions, Robinson said.

According to Robinson's reports, Scarboro has refused to undergo the relevant medical checks.

"My knee is fine," Scarboro recently responded on Twitter. "I could step back in that ring tomorrow with anyone C$J could throw at me...but I get it. It is about protecting your investment. It is about kissing up and kissing ass when the Inspector shows up. They know my potential and they are eager to hold me back."

St. James was reportedly not happy with the implications of Scarboro's comments, but insisted that all CWF medical checks are taken seriously.

"We strive to be leaders of the industry in that regard. It is nothing personal against Quentin, and I hope he is able to get well and get back to action soon," he said, according to Robinson.



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