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The final Evolution before the big Golden Intentions PPV - Church and State with all the information you will need!

The picture opens with a look across Providence, Rhode Island, and the Providence River leading onwards towards the Atlantic Ocean. As the camera swings around, it reveals that it is on top of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, the location of the 23th episode of Evolution and right on the roof sit none others than Black Church and Charles State, a folding table and two folding chairs placed in a rather haphazard way.

Blake Church: Good evening and welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, as you can see, CWF has spared no costs to give us a nice, professional spot to shoot our show tonight.

Charles State (cynically): Yes, biggest studio I’ve ever been in...

Blake Church: Well, we could shoot this from anywhere actually-

Charles State: Don’t give them any ideas there…

Blake Church: Right.

Charles State (laughing): This is “Church vs. State”!

Church vs. State

Blake Church: So after a tumultuous Evolution last week in Boston, we are in the final stretch of our road to Golden Intentions, this is the go-home show-

Charles State: I still don’t get why they call it that, since nobody is going home...

Blake Church: Right. I don’t know why, but then again I don’t know why they allow Rolash to call himself a commentator either.

Charles State: Touche. As Blake was saying, tonight is the last chance for people to show what they are up to, form alliances or beat down on enemies and the show is being kicked off by a very interesting duo, Clark Steele and Xander Haze.

Blake Church: Clark Steele surprised everybody last week when he came out for a short but memorable moment in the ring and then an infamous stint at the commentators’ table. Of uWa and KJPW fame, he will be entering the Golden Intentions rumble and also is stepping into the ring this week, I guess as kind of a warm up.

Charles State: Fans will remember his cheery self and it will be interesting to see how he fares against one of CWF’s most intense wrestlers right now: Xander Haze.

Blake Church: Ever since he erupted onto the stage of this federation, he has been displaying an outstanding level of energy and ruthlessness and his latest victim seems to be Zach, formerly known as Impakt, where he has teamed up with this greasy P.I., but also inside of the ring he has been leaving a path of devastation, with Billy Anderson having experienced this in quite spectacular fashion.

Charles State: Now neither of them knows each other, Haze probably blinded by rage and Steele, well, he probably thinks everyone else is so far beneath him that he doesn’t have to bother to check, newcomer vs. legend, this is going to be an interesting one!

Blake Church: No less interesting should be the clash of two former stablemates, with the Coalition’s Autumn Raven hitting it off with TWfKaDC-

Charles State: With who?

Blake Church: The Wrestler formerly Known as Dean Coulter. Follow, Charles...

Charles State just blows a raspberry at him.

Blake Church: Now known as Judas he is sitting neck deep in the Ouroboros morass and does not look too favourably on his former colleagues. Autumn also has had a very rough time of late, with her last victory in a singles match, hm…

He is rifling through papers on the makeshift desk in front of him.

Blake Church: Has she won any singles matches at all?

Charles State (holding up an empty piece of paper): Got them all here!

Church playfully whacks State over the back of the head.

Blake Church: That was kind of rude.

Charles State: I apologize, but as far as I remember, she has not won any to date.

Blake Church: So potentially this could be easy prey for Ouroboros, especially with Elisha and his consorts egging Judas on to show neither compassion nor mercy.

Charles State: Her only source of hope then could be Silas, but he has not accompanied her to the ring for a while now either, so I’m really not sure anymore how the Coalition is looking, having lost Dean, kind of having lost Sam, Autumn in the ropes and Silas and The Shadow/The Forsaken seemingly not seeing eye to eye, so this is one of the most convoluted stories we’ve seen of late.

Blake Church: Moving on, Silas actually is next and his opponent is not one to take lightly, with former Paramount champion Christian Starr nipping at his heels. Silas is coming off a non-contest against Impact champion Ataxia and Starr having lost his Beat the Clock match against Duce Jones-

Charles State: After Jarvis King inserted himself into the match as guest referee.

Blake Church: Yes, and ultimately he did decide the match, but it definitely did not do anything to make the relationship between Starr and King any less strained, leading to them now being 1 and 2 in the Golden Intentions Rumble, so there is no saying, if King might not show up this time as well, but let’s look at this as if he will not.

Charles State: Starr has been on the prowl to get his Paramount belt back and Silas has been obsessing about the Heavyweight title, yet here they are, facing off in what could be an indicator of what their fortunes at the PPV could look like, since it is always nice to bring momentum and to be honest, Silas could use some success right now. This should be a very interesting and high energy match and we sent Blake out to have a few words with our resident aristocrat.

Blake Church: Silas, last week you launched an attack-

Silas Artoria: --launched an attack? 'I' launched an attack? Have you been paying attention to whom was in attendance during that match? 'I' was more than happy to take on Ataxia one on one, 'I' was happy to comply with the rules or lack thereof, and 'I' was willing to do it all myself. Ataxia came with his proud owner and Shadow's other possessions, sat by ringside, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

How can you tell if Shadow and his attack dogs were going to interfere? He wouldn't face consequences, and considering the Impact title is in his possession, and is the only title in his possession, it was likely he would jump in and ensure Ataxia's victory.

I didn't launch an attack, you imbecile, I-

Blake Church: Mr. Artoria, I would suggest you watching your tongue. And may I remind you of your own interference on the Lost Boys’ behalf in a title match as well?

Silas Artoria (ignoring the last point and emphasizing his own words):  -and my associates levelled the playing field. We made it fair for the pair of us, and for trying to maintain some sort of balance, what do we get? A no-contest. Our valiant efforts were spat in our face by those in the authority. As far as I am concerned, I have either won since Ataxia was stretchered out, or the match is still ongoing, as we speak.

And believe me, I'll have more words about the matter this week.

Blake Church: I will put that on my must-do list right after watching grass grow and memorizing the Twitter feed of the President… Anyways, The Coalition has not been in very good shape in the last few weeks, Dean Coulter defecting to Ouroboros, Sam Braxton being more unstable than ever due do that and neither Autumn nor you having seen a lot of success in matches, what does the short-term future for the Coalition hold?

Silas Artoria: We are all a little vexed, no doubt, but that is what happens in the industry. Sam, Autumn, myself, we are, and always have been, free to do whatever we want so long as we remain on equal footing. We have the same goal, it's just our objectives have...switched. Sam may have said he is done with the Coalition as a group, but we have spoken, and he remains an associate. He...dislikes us the least, shall we say.

WrestleFest season is ongoing, and I'll tell you what lies ahead in due time.

Blake Church: You are quite distinctly distancing yourself from the current turmoil within CWF, but given that this conflict is heating up quite a bit right now, is it even possible not to get sucked into the vortex one way or the other? How do you intend to ensure that you are able to stand aside?

Silas Artoria: A giant can get bigger until it swallows everyone, but it means it will move much...much slower. The larger this playground bickering gets, the easier it is to keep your distance from it. The Forsaken may have dragged us into this circle, but my aim isn't politically based, it's legacy based. They simply have something I am interested in, and so long as I focus on that goal, I'll be safe from this rambling.

I have everything I need. I have power, a legacy both in and out of the ring, I have money, I have a comfortable life, what would I have to gain for joining in? I offer shelter for those who want to escape, so long as they abide by my house rules.

Blake Church: In one of the more mysterious matches of the week, our Archangel of Apathy, Azrael, is trying to piece his road to success back together when he faces none other than Miss O, Omega, who has returned to active wrestling after a lengthy break and it looks like she also brought a mean streak with her!

Charles State: Azrael is continuing his “almost there” streak, bringing strong performances to the ring week in, week out, but just falling short every time. It feels as if all it would take is one victory to get to the next level and get things rolling, but the question is, if Omega is the one to do that against, because the little firecracker seems to have her knickers in a bit of a twist, for her lightheartedness has been replaced by an edge that we are not used to.

Blake Church: And talk about twisted things with the two resident CWF lovebirds having to face each other in the ring. Mia Rayne and Ataxia have been the talk of the town, so to say, with her oddly romantic relationship emerging, and now they have been pitted against each other, so I am really not sure how that is going to be working out, I can imagine the two of them not  being happy with it.

Charles State: Definitely not, and this is a very odd booking, which really makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes here.

Blake Church: The Forsaken are closer than ever and now this could create a rift in the faction, even though love conquers all, so maybe this will not have the desired outcome after all.

Charles State: Let’s just say that it should be interesting, just look at their little romantic picnic last week, haha.

Blake Church: Yes, unpredictable to a “t”.

Charles State: And unpredictability is continuing to be the key here, because for no apparent reasons, MJ Flair and Eric Dane are reprising their union of last week against The Shadow and Revenant, while the former kind of makes sense, since they have been walking the CWF road together these past few weeks, neither Revenant nor The Shadow-

Blake Church: Or even more so a team of them.

Charles State: Exactly, neither of that makes sense. One could accuse the powers that be of bias towards MJ and Dane, since they are teaming up for a second time in a row against a team that definitely is not on the same page, if the same book even, but CWF has shown time and again that even the odder team-ups sometimes yield surprisingly positive results, but there is one sword of Damocles hanging right above all of them.

Blake Church: Yes, it bears an Ouroboros symbol on it, with MJ, Dane and The Shadow having been in the crosshairs of Elisha and his gang, so any match always has this sense of impending doom, because you never know, if or when they might strike. 

Charles State: Completing the Forsaken quartet is Dorian Hawkhurst and he has been thrown into the ring with our current World Heavyweight champion, Caledonia Highlander.

Blake Church: It still is kind of funny that with MJ and now Cali two of the lightest ladies of the federation have been holding the HEAVYweight title...

Charles State: That it is, but I guess if you approach it from the “throwing their weight around”, they definitely are heavy hitters in CWF.

Blake Church: Oh most definitely and this is a non-title match as well, but it will give Dorian a chance to prove his mettle against one of the best out there and Cali a real stepping stone to prepare her for Golden Intentions. Again both have been targets for Ouroboros activity, so this hanging sword is getting a lot exposure this week!

Charles State: And I am sure that Elisha would not hesitate to use it, if it was any more than just metaphoric.

Blake Church: And that is one thing that we still have to touch on, it looks like there is an inevitable conflict between the forces of good and evil. Ouroboros is gaining power and momentum and on the other side we have an opposition of Caledonia, Amber, MJ, interestingly enough all ladies…, and while they are not really perceived as the “good guys”, The Forsaken also have taken a very clear stance against Ouroboros-

Charles State: And last week’s Evolution has clearly shown that the feelings are mutual.

Blake Church: Oh yes, so we might have very tumultous times ahead and you never know, if there might not be some people gravitating towards the dark side as well, since it is always so enticing, especially since they always seem to have cookies.

Charles State: No wonder they are called Oreos then!

Blake Church: Haha, yes. So there is not much left to say from our end, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for the CWF Network today, and you will get your first month free, which includes our big Golden Intentions PPV, so this really is an offer you can’t really refuse! See you all in Providence!

Charles State: We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, I am Charles State and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.

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