Unhinged Qualifying Matches Sign-Up

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Duce Jones
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Unhinged Qualifying Matches Sign-Up

Post by Duce Jones » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:46 pm

Also announced at Frozen Over VIII, is the return of the Unhinged Triple Cage Briefcase Match. It is basically CWF’s version of Money in the Bank. The winner will be able to cash in the briefcase at a time of their choosing within a year’s span. As a side note, there will be no commitment if someone from outside of the fed wants to enter. There are 12 qualifying spots available, so if you want to earn a shot of maybe one day becoming CWF World Champion, here’s the place to sign up!

Former 2x CWF World Heavyweight Champion
Former 2x CWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Freddie Styles)
Final Academy Champion
Final WCWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Freddie Styles)

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