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Real Name:  Heinreich Alexander Hessler  
Nicknames:  Z  
Hometown:  Born in Amsterdam The Netherlands, resided most of his life in Yakima Washington  
Birthday:  09/27/1992  
Height:  6'7"  
Weight:  265 lbs 


Biography:  Zolton was born as Heinreich Alexander Hessler in The Netherlands but his parents moved to Yakima Washington when he was only 18 months old. He has been training in various MMA disciplines since he could walk. He was born to loving and athletic parents who were also very well versed in various MMA disciplines. They were tragically taken from Zolton when he was only 11 years of age. He then became a ward of the state and was placed in foster care. He did get lucky and was put in a very caring family that did their best for Zolton's best interest. Not only was Zolton athletic and well trained he was smart and intelligent. He made it through school with very high marks. After being accepted into Stanford University, he decided to bring along his long time high school girlfriend. Head cheerleader and fellow scholar, Brittany, he was going to propose marriage to her. The day the proposal was going to happen, Zolton came to their spot in the park and found his girlfriend kissing and other things with who Zolton thought was his best friend. From there Zolton disappeared and came back onto the scene a little over a three years ago. He joined up with a local wrestling organization and was quickly noticed by huge wrestling organization Goliath Universal Wrestling Federation. He rose through the ranks quickly and actually became the World Champion in the organization. He moved to UWF where he became the Television Champion, not once but twice. After suffering a severe knee injury, he stepped away from the world of wrestling for about 8 months. He came and signed with a new company, Boardwalk and did well there but some personal matter forced him to step away again. He was a part of the 4 Corners Wrestling organization as well as the Uprising Federation.

After a several month hiatus, the man of chaos has returned to the wrestling front to seize his destiny. 
Strengths:  His strengths lie within his size and balance. He is powerful but relies on technical ability and intelligence rather than his size and power. 
Other Feds:  Been in several, 4CW, Boardwalk, UWF, currently a loyal member of WWH  
Weaknesses:  Can get a little overconfident. If he is dominating, rather than finish his for, he plays, allows the unrelenting fan commentary get to him. 


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