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Real Name:  Zachary Paul Vaughn  
Nicknames:  The GameChanger, Player One, Hardcore Kid, Anti-Hero  
Hometown:  Philadelphia, Pennyslvania  
Birthday:  August 24, 1997  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  174lbs lbs 


Biography:  Zachary Vaughn grew up ingratiated into the world of professional wrestling, thanks in part to his father, a former wrestler, by the name of Adam Vaughn. Unfortunately, his father’s story was not one of a fruitful career or celebrity. In fact Adam Vaughn had only managed to achieve mild success and acclaim before a botched spot led to a crippling injury and forced retirement. From then on things changed for the worse for the Vaughn family. Originally Adam had wished for nothing more than for his son to follow in his footsteps, and carry on the Vaughn legacy, but after the injury Adam became bitter and resentful, refusing to train or support his son’s wrestling aspirations, constantly telling him he’d never make it because he had the wrong look, build, stle, attitude, anything he could think of.
Zach started acting out, engaging in risky activities and extreme sports, just to prove that he could. Any limit he could think of he wanted to not only push, but break. This inevitably led him to the enigmatic world of Backyard Wrestling. Zach found his outlet, making a name for himself on the circuit but also getting himself into spots of trouble with authorities and his father. It didn’t stop his determination however and through friends and acquaintances met through backyard wrestling he heard tales and rumours of a fabled wrestling school in England simply known as the Academy. So, he toiled through menial jobs to save money and waited for the day he could become one of their students. When he left he knew that he couldn’t use his name or his face for fear of drawing the ire of his father and further dragging his legacy into the mud. Despite his resentment for the neglect he still left as if his father deserved that name and prestige, so when he left it was incognito. However, his impatience and eagerness to prove all the naysayers (most prominent of which was his own father) wrong proved the better and after only a year within the Academy he left to pursue his own path to professional wrestling superstardom, eventually joining the CWF under the masked persona of Impakt. Now that the mask has been disposed of Zach is ready to return in full force to the ring and show the world what he is truly capable of. 
Strengths:  Speed and Agility
Innovator of Offence
Won't Back Down 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  Lack of Power moves
Lack of Submission/Technical skills
Lack of Experience


  • Hashtag: Game On
  • It's about to get...Epic


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