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Real Name:  Xander Smith  
Nicknames:  The Gimp  
Hometown:  Vancouver, BC  
Birthday:  Oct 13/86  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  260 lbs 


Biography:  Xander suffers from cerebral palsy on the right side of his body raised but two perents who didn't give a dam about him. His father an alcoholic who would beat him with a leather strap just because and a mother who was too busy snorting cocaine to realize or care what was happening at home. Xander also has two brothers who would torture him because of his disability by locking him in a closet for hours laughing as he screamed. Xander had little friends as he was shunned due to his condition the only joy in life that he had was being able to watch wrestling. Sadly this wasn't enough to save the world from the intense anger and hatred that was yet to see.
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"Two words to end all lames...BALLGAME!"

- Freddie Styles

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