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Real Name:  Tobias Devereaux  
Nicknames:  Cajun Sensation  
Hometown:  Baton Rouge, LA  
Birthday:  4/4/86  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  Born and raised in the swampland of Louisiana, Tobias came from relatively meager means. Finding himself on the streets fairly young he made due with petty crime and thievery. After some time and a few run ins with the law he found himself intermingled with some rather unfortunate people. A life of shoot fighting, enforcing, and other deplorable means of monetary gain. It became clear to Tobias that if he kept in this life style although it was financially rewarding, it was going to end up as gator food before he knew it. So he fled that lifestyle and ended up in Texas where he found hard but honest work. Never a huge fan of hard work this puttered out almost as quickly as it started, however while in Texas he found his entry into the world of wrestling. Once he got his foot in the door the world of wrestling sent him all over the united states and eventually into Europe where he took a liking. Most importantly because it was good and far from home. After some time and travels Tobias finds himself at the doorsteps of one CWF. 
Other Feds:  sVo, Hostility,  


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