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Real Name:  Thomas Roll  
Nicknames:  The disco king  
Hometown:  Osaka Japan  
Birthday:  18/3/1988  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  200 lbs 


Biography:  Thomas Roll is a legend in the world of men. In his younger years he was studying the art of disco dancing at university. One day he was in one of his other classes wrestling when his wrestling coach told him that Michael Jackson wasn't a great dancer.

This made Thomas Roll angry and he picked up his wrestling coach and hit his finisher the big whirly.

Afterwards his coach said to him that he should become a wrestler. So that's what he did and now we have Thomas Roll here in the CWF with his personal DJ Gurtooth and his pet monkey Sergeant Bananas ready to kick some ass. 
Other Feds:  most of them are closed now.  


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