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Real Name:  Fitzgerald Everett Bentley  
Nicknames:  The Circus King  
Hometown:  Twentynine Palms, California  
Birthday:  July, 7th, 1977  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  205 lbs 


Biography:  Fitzgerald Bentley was the leader of the "Bentley's Grand Event" - a circus that traveled across the United States. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald was was under scrutiny after it was discovered that he was not only under-paying his crew, but also mistreating them.

Fitzgerald, of course, denied this - as did most of those that truly believed in what Fitzgerald was doing and therefore loved him like a father, whom had taken under his wing many considered "lost causes", due to their unique appearances and/or talents.

Unfortunately, those against were able to get the better of him, ultimately shutting down his widely popular, money-train of a circus. This angered Fitzgerald - wildly - and sent him in to a spiral of dysfunction, fully believing that no matter the circumstances, no one would strip him of the title, and overall concept, of 'The Circus King' - which is what not only he, but those that were dedicated enough to follow the shadow of his plight - considered him as.

So, the show went on - privately. No longer was Fitzgerald able to be backed and/or sponsored and thus, the shows lacked the luster - the theatrics - and the animations that were brought to the surface by the money that was lent to him.

With the well having run dry - and the show ultimately dying from lack of promotion - Fitzgerald spiral even more, firmly believing that the world was against him; that the only way to beat the world was to set it on fire somehow and someway. So, he focused this next chapter of his life on something that he did in order to make menial amounts of money at the beginning -

Circle fighting - the underground circuit in which the rich bet on modern-day gladiators to see who would beat the piss out of the other. Fitzgerald was good at fighting - always had been. His father was a deadbeat - drunk and disorderly, especially towards a son that failed to meet his expectations. He suffered beatings, and eventually had to defend himself just so his father wouldn't kill him.

Fitzgerald knew that he still had fight in him - that the grit was starting to bleed through all of his misfortunes. He also believe that there was a platform that would ultimately allow him to bring his "Grand Event" back to center stage, as well as all of his freakshow friends.

So, there came upon wrestling. Sports entertainment. He could entertain. In fact, he was the "Circus King". And on top of that, he could fight with the best of them. If he could succeed in the squared circle, all the while give his dear friends - and everything else that came with the show that built him - to the crowds that would come to watch him take flight or fail, then he would reel in the promotion that he would need to get back on the map.

So thus, here we are today. Fitzgerald Everett Bentley - the gentleman that seems to be fresh out of the 1920's - steps into the wrestling circuit - but not alone.

He's brought his entire show of circus eccentrics with him as well. 
Other Feds:  PRIME, Hostility, ICWF, IWF, OSW  


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