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Real Name:  Jay Mora  
Nicknames:  Markie  
Hometown:  Chicago  
Weight:  lbs 


Biography:  Jay "The Marksman" Mora has been in the wrestling business for several years. "Markie" as his friends came to call him, has won numerous world titles in several different organizations over the years. He owns several gyms in the state of Illinois. Mora owned several houses throughout the world. His career was put on hold when his uncle screwed him out of several money making deals and tried to steal his wealth for himself. Jay had to step away from the ring to take care of his personal finances and get them in the correct order after allowing his uncle to manage his money for him. Markie was closed to marrying once before catching the woman sleeping with another wrestler behind his back while pregnant. Initially, he had thought the child to be his before the woman admitted that it wasn't after being paid an undisclosed settlement rather than dealing with pressures from the media. Jay has been away from the ring for a long time but is now in the best shape of his career and primed to rise to the top of the wrestling world once again.
Recently, however, he has fallen into quite a slump. Struggling to get something going in 4CW Mora has turned to booze and drugs rather than training, dieting, and saying prayers as some may say. 
Strengths:  Power: 8
Toughness: 7
Speed: 5
Charisma: 8
Wrestling Knowledge: 7 
Other Feds:   


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