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Real Name:  Thaddeus Leander Duke II  
Nicknames:  The Lion Heart  
Hometown:  From: Old Saybrook, CT. BUT: Spends most of his time in his Upper East Side Manhattan penthouse, so NYC  
Birthday:  12/25/1998  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  210 lbs 


Biography:  Thaddeus is the young, fun loving, charming son of a legendary world champion warrior. He's trained and groomed with a championship pedigree. His story is a long and complicated one.

His grandfather founded a modern day iteration of the Illuminati (they keep the Latin pronunciation Illuminatus). The group led a clandestine shadow war against the Catholic Church for decades, until it finally hit critical mass and broke wide open. After a pitstop in Germany, the Illuminatus openly waged war under Thaddeus' leadership against Italian forces en route to Vatican City. On Christmas Eve 2015, Thaddeus' Illumniatus forces had the Vatican surrounded and the Church surrendered. Thad's grandfather passed away in his sleep that night and Thad's father took over as leader. Some months later, Thad's father Sebastian made a tragic mistake and authorized the bombing of a building thought to contain ISIS fighters, but instead was a middle school. As a result, Thaddeus led an insurrection against his father, defeating him and in turn becoming leader of the Illuminatus. Lately, Thaddeus has gone back to high school to get his degree while finally beginning to "come of age" while simultaneously upholding his wrestling career and leading the Illuminatus Nation. 
Strengths:  He's a world class athlete that is trained in the art of technical, mat wrestling. He's a consummate professional and performer. 
Other Feds:  XWF  
Weaknesses:  He's not a fist fight brawler type. He can hold his own for awhile, but that's not his forte. 


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